Monday, February 23, 2015

The case of the missing boyfriend

For my coworker’s birthday, she received a “Grow a boyfriend”

Just add water.

Since my boss has a fishless fish tank in her office we decided to pull a little prank and check her observation skills.  My coworker went in early and put the ‘boyfriend’ in the tank.

When boss lady went to the restroom, coworker ran in to stand him up.  Then there came the series of meetings in the boss’ office.  Each of us had to meet with her and I went last.  While in there I would steal glances at the fish tank but it appeared that boyfriend was missing.  I figured boss lady had already found him.  So after my meeting I checked with the others in my department but they each said that nothing had been noticed during their meeting.  We slipped in when boss lady wasn’t in there and checked but sure enough, he was gone.  We checked the trashcan and my coworker even dug around in the fish tank with a letter opener.  We finally told boss lady about boyfriend and asked if she had taken him out but she hadn’t.  No one knows what happened to him and it’s killing me.  I feel like our prank got turned around on us but  no is fessing up!

Have you seen this man?

We're beginning to think maybe he dissolved in the nasty fish tank water.  What a way to go.

1 comment:

Ashley Burton said...

hahah soo funny! maybe you should do some research and see if this has ever happened to anyone else before?


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