Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby - it's cold outside.

On Tuesday. we had a real snow day!  I mean, my office closed and everything and Chewy's office encouraged people to work from home if they could.

I love snow, but as I've gotten older it's more in the, "stay indoors watching Netflix and eating" sort of way.  but I did open some doors and take some photos.

Diego in the snow

Our rock wall is covered

Our road compared to the main road when we ran to Target late afternoon.
Speaking of Netflix, Chewy sat down and watched about an hour and some change of North and South with me.  He was really in to it and that made my little, cold heart swell.  Unfortunately he had to actually go and work on some financial analyst stuff so he's going to finish the rest later.  I personally think he got tired of hearing me mumble, "I love you," to Mr. Thornton each time he felt rejected by Margaret.

The last time I was snowed in was on our honeymoon out in the mountains.  I put together a puzzle that day so I decided to try and do the same yesterday.
It turns out that my body really hates sitting in certain positions too long and I think maybe the little dude pushed my hips out of whack because I've been hurting quite a bit around that area.  Thanks a lot little dude.

This morning I had a two hour delay for work, which worked out well since today Chewy left for his first business trip (p.s. it's also his birthday but we'll take care of that this weekend).  Since I had the delay I was able to take him to the airport.  It wasn't too bad once we got out of our driveway.  We've been apart one other time since getting married, and that was youth conference (remind yourself how that went HERE).  I really only have tonight by myself though, because tomorrow is youth night and then I pick him up on Friday so that shouldn't be bad at all.  Others have much longer stints without their spouse around.

I left the airport and was excited at the thought of getting in to work "early" (I don't know what's wrong with me either).  To get from the airport to my office, one would take 64W to 95N to 64W...yup, just thought people not from here would appreciate how crazy that sounds/is.  Point of all of that though is that the first 64W DID NOT MOVE.  I was driving along just fine and then had to slam on the brakes.  I don't know if that's normal for that stretch at 9:40 in the morning or if there was an accident or something, 95N wasn't much better but by the second 64W it wasn't too bad.  I made it in without any injury or really losing my temper.  

Oh - and here's the baby bump photo of the 25th week.  I look fat, which serves me right because I've been eating too much pizza and cookies lately.  Annnnnnd, I'm eating a cookie while taking the picture so that's why my face looks the way it does.

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