Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I was reading the Dilbert Blog, a daily occurrence if Scott Adams can keep pumping them out. Today he talked about skyscapes ( which I think are pretty darn cool, though also, pretty impractical. I don’t know of many companies who would spend the extra money to have these light fixtures put in just to sooth their employees. Just looking at the pictures that could be overhead in your cubicle I felt relaxed, and a little bit dizzy. It would be nice to have a sky window without really having a sky window, you wouldn’t have to worry about looking up one day to find that bird has bombed it, or to see that it is dark and gloomy outside, because you would have picked the slightly cloudy spring afternoon to set the mood in your cubicle.

Or perhaps you’re in the park and there are hot air balloons coasting above your head.

You could also be laying under a tree for a mid afternoon nap, rather than answering the phone or writing a report.
Of course, the only real reason that Scott Adams brought these up in his blog is that the Dilbert characters have their own skyscapes. You can get one of the characters to be looking down at you whenever you look up. Only problem is, I don’t see how relaxing they could really be when they look like they are falling out (or into) of a Twilight Zone episode.

No, if my company let me have one I would go with the clouds, and then I would never get any work done.

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