Friday, January 18, 2008

Here it goes

I have decided to combine my enjoyment of blogging with my desire to keep in touch. I have learned throughout my very short life so far that sometimes in this family someone can be left out of the loop. Admit it, at one point or another everyone else knew something and you didn’t. So with this blog I get to write what’s going on and make sure that my entire sibling posse had the opportunity to hear what is happening in my life. Whether or not you read it is up to you, but this way I can make sure that it’s available.
In my defense you guys have to admit there are a lot of you, and sometimes I wonder who I told what and who hasn’t a clue about what’s going on.
This past Monday I finally turned 25 years old, the age I have been waiting for since July, when I started to pay for my own car insurance (yes, it took me that long to start paying it myself). Now I have a special, 25 year old reduced rate, it’s exciting. I had a really good birthday, it was my first birthday where I had a full time job, and the first one where I wasn’t given the day off. I walked into the office on Monday morning to find that someone had decked my cubicle out with birthday paraphernalia and there were people standing outside of it admiring it. I was embarrassed to say the least, as it turns out my boss did the job and she wouldn’t let me take it down. Then we had breakfast, Julie (the woman who pretty much trained me) brought in my favorite kind of bagels, I know, shocker, I like bagels. They are the cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera for those of you who are nearby Panera bread you should go and try one, they’re fantastic! Then I thought I would get to work, I was told I had to leave up the decorations so while working people kept stopping by wishing me happy birthday, or they would ask if it was my birthday and I would either respond with, “How did you know?” or “no, it isn’t.” I didn’t get anyone on that until the last guy stopped by and said he couldn’t help but notice that today might be my birthday, I said, “Actually, it’s not, weird huh?” and for a moment he had a confused look on his face and then he realized I was kidding. A couple of girls from work took me out for lunch, and we brought boss-lady along, I like when she comes out to lunch because then if it goes over I don’t feel guilty about a long lunch because she’s right there with me. In the afternoon they got together in one of the conference rooms and we all had cake (Ukrop’s cake of course). I’ve only ever worked on my birthday one other time, and that was in Idaho at the deli, when they gave me a new car (a toy one) because that summer mine had gotten totaled and I had been walking to work in the slush. Not that I’m bitter.
This week has been really busy for me actually. As most of you know (hopefully all but who knows right?) I’m in the Relief Society Presidency at church; this week was our 2008 kick off meeting. So Thursday night we had The Wedding Feast (from the parable of the ten virgins), so most of my free time was devoted to helping to plan that (I’m not the Enrichment counselor, this wasn’t my thing, I was just helping). I made Yukne (SP?) and everyone really seemed to like it, and since Kathryn was surprised maybe I should say that I really enjoyed the Yukne as well.
Not much else has been going on, I really just wanted to get this thing started. I will also try and post pictures up (once I get my computer working again) so you guys can see me, I know that’s what you’d really like to do, but also see pictures of my kid, Chubbers, and other things that I might deem worthy to grace your eyes.


Martha said...

You are now 25! You can rent a car!

LilDonbro said...

Oh I forgot about that! I'm so excited! Next time I come out to Utah I'm going to rent a car just because I can!


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