Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Did you miss me?

It's sad when a week long break feels like too long a break to take from your blog. It's not so much that I intended to take a break, but man, life is sure busy for me right now. For example, the only night that I didn't have something planned this week was Wednesday night. Then my sister came in town on the fly so my gaps were of course filled with visiting with her and my two adorable nephews. Then last night, Wendesday got some pencil markings in my planner. So now, it's everyday this week. It's not that I mind, I do like being busy, but sometimes I just shut-down when I'm too busy. I don't return phone calls, or I skip out on something, or I show up late. I don't know if other people are like that, but I sure am.
Anyway, so what's been happening this past week? Friday night I went to Evan's Jurassic Park Party. I love that movie and I remember being maybe 8 or 9 when it came out and going with my brother. I was scared at 8 or 9 and therefore annoyed my brother thus leading to the terrible night when he wouldn't take me to see Hocus Pocus. It obviously scarred me. I have to admit, the movie is still intense, not as scary as I remember, but there were certain parts that I was clenching my fist to keep from jumping and embarrassing myself. There was one time I jumped, and I can't tell if it was because it really surprised me of if it was because the girl two seats over screamed. We all know she was surprised.
Sunday night I was putting my movie, The Baxter (I put the name because maybe you should watch it) back on the shelf because my friend finally returned it and as I went to put it with the 'B's where it so rightly belonged I saw a giant bug of some sort move! It was right above the movies. I couldn't go anywhere near it for fear that it was a giant spider (wouldn't be the first time I had a run in with a giant spider in this house, I'll try to find the picture of that sucker). I was home alone so I couldn't call an unsuspecting roommate in to take care of it (yes, I would sacrifice a roommate, I don't see anything wrong with it). I didn't have a flashlight either so I couldn't shine the light on it and determine if it truly was a spider or not. Could have been a camel cricket, and while I hate those little suckers they are nearly as scary as the thought of a spider that size. I sat on my bed, pondering how to take care of this, I wouldn't be able to sleep if I thought it were a spider up there. Finally it hits me, take a picture! The flash will go off and you have a digital so you'll be able to see right away!

Here's the picture of what it was. Just a camel cricket, but if you can imagine the dark crevasse this guy was in, the only reason you can see him so well is the flash that went off. Imagine it darker, those look like 8 legs to me in the right lighting. I don't know where the little camel cricket ventured off to after I got it's photo, and I don't care as long as he is no longer haunting my movie collection.


Sarah said...

I can handel spiders, bug I dont if I dont have to, but I dont do crickets or roaches or beatles. yuck. And to think I'm moving BACK to bug land

Marisa said...

the baxter is a GREAT movie


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