Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Would You Like to Order the Right-Handed or the Left Handed Whopper?

Happy April Fool’s Day.
Thinking back on the pranks that have been pulled on me in the past one always stands out above the rest. This prank was meticulously devised, bringing in characters of varying trustworthiness, and had excellent conditions. It is a prank that in my heart of hearts I would one day like to exact revenge, but unfortunately cannot think of a way to top it. What is the prank you might ask?
Here’s the story. One year for Spring Break my friend and I decided to drive to Washington to visit our friend Tami (say ‘hello’ Tami). After a long drive we finally arrive at her house and she immediately whisks us away to run errands. While we are driving around she mentions that she’s dating this really great guy and how she feels that he is the one. In this small part it backfired a little because I, being a good friend, asked her if she was sure, because she thought that about the guy she was dating the year before. She let that slide and continued to talk about this guy. That night we got to meet him as Tami keeps you constantly running around when you go to visit her (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). This guy, whose name I can’t remember, found a couple minutes (when Tami’s mom wanted a replenishment of electrolytes I believe and sent Tami out to get her some Gatorade) and it was just him, my friend, and me and he pitched an idea to us. He wanted to propose to Tami that night and wanted us to help make it happen. So he had another one of her friends drive us to the park and we hide out behind a building with a candle and bouquet of flowers until the right time when we joined the two lovebirds. I remember it was pretty funny because my friend was in charge of coming over with a lit candle but the wind was so bad she couldn’t get it to stay and she was getting frustrated and was really worried about it. I picked the bouquet because I couldn’t really screw that one up. So he proposed and we took lots of pictures and my friend got teary eyed.
Then they were going to hang out in the park for a little while longer and we were totted off to another friend’s house to hang out and watch a movie. So while we were waiting everyone was talking about how crazy it was that Tami was finally engaged and yadda, yadda, yadda. Tami and her fiancé finally show up and I ask to see the ring and I remember thinking when I saw it that it looked like a Wal-Mart ring but I didn’t want to say anything because that would be rude and I figured the guy hadn’t been home from his mission long so maybe he didn’t have any money. Really, I tried to justify the Wal-Mart ring for this guy instead of picking up on what was really happening.
We start to watch the movie and before it’s over Tami and her fiancé come into the room and they stop the movie and Tami said, “Do you guys know what day it is?” and the moment she asked it I was hit with the realization that it was in fact April 1st otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. As you can tell, I’ve never really forgiven Tami for that one.


Sarah said...

ha ha ha, That is AWESOME! I too am a huge fan of April Fools pranks. And it is my goal in life to one day pull such an extensive prank that someone has a hard time forgivine me or getting over it, or tries for years to get me back. Job well done Tami...sorry D, gotta take her side :)

The Ottley's said...

Man... it gets better with time as I look back and reflect. I am pretty good! ;) Wait... is that why you haven't come to visit since then? I mean really D- I've grown up... trust me.


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