Monday, March 31, 2008

Dental Hygiene

So, I made the last picture my camera ever took the background on my desktop at work. Every once in a while I sneak a peek at it and I really want to go to the beach. All my life I’ve hated the beach, and now I find that I want to go there, even though it’s freezing outside and the beach in North Carolina is probably colder then it was the day we went.
I went to the dentist today, I hate the dentist, and I really do have a problem with people carrying on a conversation with me while scraping my teeth or putting gunky stuff all over them making it impossible for me to swallow without gagging. I really like the hygienist that works on my teeth though, I met her the first time in September when I went and she talked about her son so much I thought she was trying to sell him to me. But he’s super cute and my type so if she had actually offered I would have happily accepted. I have come to learn though that she just loves her son and thinks the world of him, nothing wrong with that. She also loves her dogs and thinks the world of them, so when I told her about my boxer she went on and on about how great boxers are, how smart they are and get this, how calm they are. I laughed, I let the smart comment pass with a smile, but the calm part got me going. I have yet to meet a calm boxer, and considering that my dog can open the back gate I’m content to believe that they may be someone bright animals, but calm? That’s an adjective I have never heard someone use to describe boxers. We’re talking about a dog that randomly jumps to your eye level if you stand still too long, or one that throws himself against the door if you aren’t paying enough attention to him. He’s so annoying. She asked me if I had a picture as though this were my children who gets school pictures so I have a wallet sized photo I can carry around. I had to admit that I don’t, but I don’t have any pictures in my purse so I don’t have to feel so bad. But then I realized that I don’t have pictures of my dog and me together past the time that he was 2 or 3 months old. I have lots of pictures of him obviously, but none of the mommy/son duo.
Wo, I just digressed. The thing is, this lady, she’s super nice, but she has these conversations with me while my mouth is wide open. She asks me questions. You can’t stick things in my mouth and then start asking me questions! So I would remember the answers and when we had a break and my mouth was free I would answer her questions. Or if I could get by with an “uh huh” or a “nuh huh” I would, turns out nodding and shaking your head are out of the question when someone’s scraping your teeth.
Oh, I have to get some work done now and my computer is moving slow so I’d better post this and move on.

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The Ottley's said...

I'm a dental assistant in the off season and I love it! My favorite part is hearing people try to repond... ha ha! It's nice to be reminded what the other side feels like from time to time.


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