Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If the moon had to run away and all the stars didn't wanna play

Yesterday I had a Michael Jackson medley...anyone catch it? Anyone read this?
I went to Target last night only because I had a dinner appointment at 6 and it got pushed back to 6:45 when I was already en route so I just turned into Target. I figured that I needed windshield wiper fluid anyway. While I was there I actually looked at the shoes. I normally don't look at the shoes, I'm not a shoe kind of girl, but when I was in California I picked up a new pair of shoes at the Target there, the right size and color, may not be my all time favorites, but I found some that were my size and didn't have heels. That's something I don't understand about people who makes shoes. How tall are these people, they are all about heels and I've got to tell you if someone has to buy a pair of size 11 shoes chances are they are tall enough without two inch heels. It just bothered me because I wanted a nice pair of shoes, but I don't want to be any taller, 5'11" is tall enough for me I don't have to pass the 6ft mark. I perused 3 aisles of shiny black, brown, red, and silver, even some gold shoes, I scanned for the "11" and then went from there. Almost every pair had big heels on them, and if there were no heels they were just plain ugly. I don't need (nor want) shoes with zebra print, gold sparkles, or hold the potential to kill me if I attempt to walk across the room.
This is why I'm not a shoe girl.

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Martha said...

Try Payless, way cute shoes!


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