Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So Long Old Friend

I just got back from a weekend in North Carolina. First, I have to note that my cold/sinus whatever thingy went away while I was there and I've decided it's one of two things, first could be that I don't get enough sleep at home or the second could be that the house I live in needs a new air filter (there's always dust in my room even when I just cleaned it). Of course there's a third option, I'm allegeric to Virginia.
While I was in North Carolina we went to the beach, but not just any beach, the Marine beach. I got to see at least two short, tattoed covered marines running along the beach, didn't hear the theme music from Chariots of Fire, but that would have been really cool. Even though it's not really even spring weather here (or in North Carolina) meaning it was windy and the weather was cold, my nephew was all about being in the water, so that meant, being the good aunt who was worried he might wash away, I was in the water quite a bit too. I was having a pretty good time until I was running from a wave and my camera fell out of my pocket. My nephew saw it a few seconds before me with an, "Oh no" and I quickly picked it up. I would like to say that the picture of the sand is the last picture is took because it comes across as much more dramatic, but the last picture would be the one with my nephew staring out into the ocean, it's a cute picture, just doesn't have that same feeling of despair. You may ask yourself how I got the pictures if the camera is no longer working, luckily for me, my laptop has a direct "port" for my memory card and though the camera didn't make it, the memory card survived.
Now I am currently in the market for a new camera. I've had the camera for a while, so I guess that's okay...right? It will be missed though. Have fun at the beach though, that doesn't normally happen.
OKay, I'm going to bed.


Sarah said...

so are you the cool aunt? You seem like the cool aunt.:) you should look at new egg, that is where we got our new one, and it came with a bunch of extra cool stuff too.

The Ottley's said...

That sucks! :(

LilDonbro said...

Yeah, I'm the cool aunt...but all my sisters are in a way.

And I went to New Egg...I forgot about that site, I got my CD burner from them. SO I went back and got a camera :) Thanks!! I'll try to take a picture when I get it :p


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