Monday, March 17, 2008

You see a sight that almost stops your heart, just beat it, beat it, keep on going with full force don't stop; the kid is not my son.

I had to put my plant down today. When I went to California I forgot to tell someone to water it, so when I came back to work last Tuesday it was looking pretty ragged. But I began to water it right away and by Friday is was looking pretty good, and then for some reason today it was missing a million leaves and looking worse (though not browner) then when I first got back from California. I just don’t get it, it was recovering just fine and then…kaput, dead. I figured I could save it this time, but not with the pretty leaves gone, if I tried it would be Chrissie (said with a lisp) all over again, when I fostered a stick…hoping one day it would be the pretty plant it once was. My roommates and I called her Chrissie (said with a lisp) and I tried to revive her, talked to her, watered her, my roommates were jerks and gave her milk and skittles, we even sat outside once listening to Michael Jackson and sunbathing. Nothing worked, once Chrissie was a stick she couldn’t come back. I couldn’t bear to watch that happen again.
So she’s in my trashcan this morning when my boss comes in, she first notices that it’s not on my desk and then she looks at the trash and says, “Good, because Christmas is over.” Oh, did I not mention it was a poinsettia? A plant’s a plant; if you can keep it alive I say go with it. Then for a split second I could picture my boss coming into work that morning half and hour earlier and ripping off the leaves so I would think the plant was sick. She’s been waiting for the plant to go, and I felt like saying, “Well tell me how you really feel”. So now my desk seems so bare and empty without my little piece of outside, and who is going to help me finish off my cup of water at the end of the day? Maybe I should go plant shopping tonight.

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