Monday, April 28, 2008

I can't even think of a witty title right now.

We had an interview today and I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel very flushed and light headed. It could have been because I was expecting someone older and shorter, and chubbier like I’ve gotten used to bringing in for this position, but I had before me someone who didn’t look over 30, very tall, slender, dark brown hair, I even did the ring check.
I took him to the testing room and I got a little flustered, but not too noticeable I don’t think, and considering that it’s Monday and I’ve been like this all day I personally didn’t even think about it. I noticed his high school when going over his application and he went to my rival high school so I joked with him about that, I joked with him! I don’t joke with interviewees too much. So my face is red I’m sure and it feels pretty warm. I went to the receptionist after he started his test and said, “Yeah he wasn’t bad looking,” and she laughed and said, “And he was tall.”
What the heck is wrong with me, so unprofessional.


Sarah said...

sounds like someones been twitter-pated. Tall is good, joking is good. Maybe you will get married.

The Ottley's said...

D- this is exactly why I just have to love you!


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