Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Think of Alaska as one big theme park.

So I completely ditched the idea of being a home owner for now. I’m not ready, and I think deep down I knew it, but I’m also the kind of person who has to make commitment on the fly. My car was an impulse buy, agreeing to take one of my sister’s puppies was impulsive, switching jobs was actually impulsive, so it only made sense that the next big thing in my life would be handled impulsively. But somehow the grounded side of myself won this one, either that or buying was too complicated and I was too lazy to put up with all the things involved. My roommates and I found a new house to rent, and I’m very excited to move to it, once we’re in I’ll take pictures for your viewing pleasure. I actually had to sign a lease, which I have never done in the state of Virginia, I’m sure those things I had to sign at school were leases for various apartment complexes, but renting a place was so much easier in college, there weren’t many options so price was pretty much the only factor, it wasn’t such a big commitment then because it was just two semesters, two semesters doesn’t seem as long as 12 months, a year. In the long run of course a 1 year doesn’t seem half as bad as a 30 year loan; I’m still geeking out about my 5-year car payment. Also I didn’t have a pet, and if I did it was something that could be hidden under the bed, Chubbers is not something you can just hide under a bed.
Speaking of Chubbers, he gave us a scare last night. I had him in the backyard and when I went to bring him in I couldn’t find him, he wouldn’t come when I called either. I stepped out into the backyard, walked around a bit, who knows, maybe he was sleeping, or stuck in the grass (the grass is pretty dangerous here, it’s reached phenomenal heights). My roommate went into the front yard and started to call for him, but nothing. So I got in the car and drove around for a bit, scared to death that he had been hit by a car (we are near three busy roads). Nothing again, but this time that’s a good thing, to find him on the drive would mean he had been hit, or had come close). So I came home and sat on the front steps, not sure what to do, it was 9 o’clock at night, not much you could do, knock door to door? That’s a good way to make some enemies. I decided to walk around the neighborhood, who knows, it could work. So until 10 o’clock I walked all around the neighborhood, checked by his favorite yards to see if he was visiting with buddies. But again, nothing. I went home, got ready for bed, and then went to the back door one more time, turned on the outside light and looked outside for him, nothing. I decided that there was nothing I could do for the night and went to bed. I had a dream that I found him in the backyard, just sitting there waiting for me to open the door, the top of his head was all dusty like he used a dirt pile to scratch his head. But then I woke up, and knew that I hadn’t found him., so I got ready for work. Before I left though I went to the back door one more time. I had trouble unlocking it and while I struggled he jumped up from his little bed he made himself out of a piece of tarp my roommate had in the backyard. The little terd, I swear he wasn’t in the backyard last night and my roommate swears it too, but sure enough, there he was. I let him in, pet his head, told him he had me worried, and then got him some water. At the new house I’m going to have an outside kennel for him, that way there will be no jumping of the fences.
Oh, last Monday we had our Goodwill Awards. For you West Coasters the Good Will is the equivalent of the D.I. – which is what I kept calling it and throwing myself off. My friend Mary and I thought that meant to dress up in the craziest outfits we could find, turns out it meant buying prom dress from the Goodwill. It’s alright, we know we’re cool so it didn’t bother us too much. We watched the videos that we’ve been working on for the last month in smaller FHE groups. Five videos in all, and if I could give my unbiased opinion on whose is the best I would, but you see, I can’t. Ours was really good…really good, I was surprised at how professional it was. I’ll try to figure out how to post it here once I get my copy of it.

Anyway, that's all for now, hope it's enough.

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The Ottley's said...

For the record... what kind of mother are you?! AND... we have Good Will's too.


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