Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Excuse my manners if I make a scene

Sara's okay with me posting again, so I will. I just worry I'm bugging you guys, of course you don't have to read them I suppose.

So two blogs ago I wrote about obsession. I happened to mention my fondness for Peter Pan and I’m not sure if anyone else got to see, but a new reader posted a comment.
I’m not sure how The_Never_Fairy came across my blog, whether a Google search on Peter Pan or an avid closet reader who has been waiting for me to write something of interest to them before they felt the need to leave a comment. Part of me thinks maybe it is someone I already know, because what are the odds of a Peter Pan fanatic finding the one blog I happen to write about Peter Pan? I just don’t know if I know anyone I could give credit to for being so creative and knowing so much detail. But then again I don’t put it past people to surprise me. There’s really so little we know about each other, even the people we think we know so well.
Well, it’s Tuesday and I’m back to work. I’ve actually been pretty busy this morning; a lot of people have questions for some reason. Its funny how that works out, they don’t ask questions for weeks at a time and then suddenly everyone decides to ask on the same day. Maybe I’m missing the memo where it said, “Save all questions for Tuesday, May 27th because Jessica will be thrown off due to the holiday weekend.” It’s like when I worked in the grocery store and it would be dead up front, no customers what so ever and then suddenly, everyone in the store decided to come up at the same time. We always wondered how that worked, was there a code word? A secret sign? How did they all happen to finish shopping at the same time?
In other news, I went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie Saturday…and Monday. I really enjoyed it, I don’t care what people say. I enjoyed it even more the second time and on the drive home I kept saying, “I really liked that movie,” or “I love Indiana, I just love-love him” (it’s true, ask Emily). And for a brief second I thought of buying the original three, and then thought, I don’t like the second one, I like the first, third, and fourth. So I think I’m just waiting for them to go on sale, or until I get that tax gift -thingy. I think the thing people forget about this movie is that it’s not an action flick made to today’s standard of constant adventure. If you watch the original three it’s not action scene after action scene. So, true to form the fourth isn’t that way either, another reason I loved it so much. I think we get used to constant action and then suddenly we’re bored if a movie for some odd reason tries to give some quiet time, time to learn something about the characters or the history of the story. I’m not saying everyone is like that, I’m just saying that maybe people who don’t enjoy the fourth never really knew the original three. Actually, that wasn’t what I was saying really, but it’s what I wanted to say, so I guess I’ve done that. Now that I know I love the movie I get a little defensive about it. Strange how that works.


The UnMighty said...

You could probably buy all of Harrison's movie with that tax gift -thingy. And I think you should.

Sarah said...

Maybe the guy/girl that posted a comment is the same one in your picture. ha ha ha.
I liked the first indian jones movies too, and i'm sure I"ll like the new one. But I'm more excited about seeing the new Narnia movie, Pronce Caspiean. Woot Woot!


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