Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a few short hours left...

So, I got a letter from Tami the other day and she said that I have been slacking on my blog. My sincerest apologies to anyone that may have been upset or disappointed by my slackness. I don’t really have all too much going on. I’m having a great time in my social life right now, church is going well, work is a bit lackluster for the moment, and my family is doing well.
We’ve had some drama in the family, but I don’t like to dwell into family drama in this blog, so I won’t be going on about that. I have high school like boy craziness right now, but seeing as I don’t like to write about boys in a public blog either that’s out. I filled up my tank on Friday, two cents short of $60. I didn’t need to eat, so if they want to keep upping the price of gasoline per gallon that’s fine, I could lose some weight anyway. If I could wake up early enough I could just ride my bike to work, of course I would have to then buy a bike, and I’m moving soon so the bike ride idea may not work, and yet, it just may with how bad traffic can get sometimes. We’ll see. Whatever, that probably wasn’t the most interesting story for you, my apologies.
My friend (soon to be roommate) had a movie party this weekend. It was an X-Men party and I was Mystic, mostly because Mystic can be whoever she wants to be so I basically went as myself, kind of like how my FHE brother in college was “a hot college student” one year for Halloween, way to go on the brain power but effort was weak. It’s okay because no one dressed up, I just liked being able to say that I did.
I’m so excited to move, every time I hang out with Evan (my soon to be roommate) I get more excited about her being my roommate. I just wish we were all living in the new house already, I know it’s only two more weeks (holy crap it’s only two more weeks) but when you’re ready to move you’re ready.
I’m making summer friends too, haven’t done that before. Summer friends are the kids who are home from college – for the summer. It’s a short term commitment but I am finding that they are the more fun part of the group. One of them is having a party this Saturday and I’m pretty excited to go, even though its memorial weekend and people might be skipping town or going to the beach at least I already know a few cool people will be there, and that’s all I need to have a good time. Wish life had some more sharable details, I apologize that it doesn’t right now. But I’ll come up with something, just wait.


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