Saturday, May 24, 2008

“A man with an obsession is a man who has very little sales resistance.” - C.S. Lewis

I was at Wal-Mart Thursday night and couldn’t help but notice an ultra sheik Starbucks display…in Wal-Mart. What is the deal with Starbucks anyway? I don’t understand why every store has to have a Starbucks in it, I mean, Wal-mart doesn’t have an actual Starbucks, but it has the nice display for it. Target has a Starbucks, Barnes and Noble has a Starbucks, some Ukrop’s and Kroger’s have Starbucks, and now Wal-Mart? If that weren’t enough every mall has a Starbucks and there are plenty free standing Starbucks hanging around town.
Is it seriously that good? Something about its popularity is unsettling. There are a lot of things that shouldn’t be embraced as strikingly as Starbucks. Becoming obsessed with things is not healthy for the body or mind. Coffee’s side effects are obvious, yet, even with all the risk it’s as though they are addicted, and just can let it go.
There is one obsession I wish to speak about in this blog. I have a thing for Peter Pan, I don’t mean I have a crush on him, but most things Peter Pan I instantly enjoy. Something about the story just gets me. The story has adventure, romance, and whether Peter Pan is a cartoon, a 12-year old kid, or a 40 year old orphan I find it intriguing. I have my limitations though, a woman playing Peter Pan, for instance, does not compel me to purchase the version, the ‘new’ adventures of Peter Pan (who knows what it is about) is not going to get me to go to the theater or purchase the film, despite it being Peter Pan. I feel okay with this, because if I were to embrace Peter Pan the way some people embrace Starbucks I’d turn into this guy.

My mom used to tell me when I was younger, “All things in moderation” I didn’t really know at the time what moderation was, nor did I care. But now that I am older I think that I am seeing the beauty as well as wisdom in that saying. I just want all my friends to be careful with the things they choose to become obsessed with, because as we can see, you could become a creepy, unattractive version of it all while leaving people wondering if you have some kind of handicap or are really just that strange.


cassie said...

Well that was quite the blog D. I too have notice this interesting obesssion with Starbucks, in the new Mall thingy that went up we have one in the Meijer, and one in the parking lot right outside of Meijer, I mean really is that necessary?

Oh and if you like all things Peter Pan, you shoulde read Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry, I hate most things Peter Pan but this book was really good.

Sarah said...

Ha ha nice post. I don't get starbucks either, but then again I don't drink coffee. As a matter of fact the smell makes me want to hurl.
Peter Pan huh? I never new that.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Peter Pan!
"Starchatchers" and the others are good stories, but they have major contradictions in them from the original tales of Barrie. There is however, a new Peter Pan book on the way. Unlike the prequels and sequels, it doesn't conflict with Barrie. In fact, it's based on his idea to expand Pan's adventures...
the announcement page is at:


C$ said...

You should have put up the Pink Sparkle outfit picture.


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