Sunday, May 25, 2008

I've been bored lately - I promise I'll stop posting for a while

Yesterday I ran a 5k. I know after having told you I ran a 10k, a 5k kind of pales in comparison, but I ran one nonetheless. My time was 31 minutes; I was a little bummed because my goal was 30. My sister, Kathryn, (who runs all of these with me) and I agree that the downfall for us are the dumb hills, granted they aren’t big, but the 10k didn’t have any inclines. Still, I beat my time from last years 5k so I guess that’s something. Kathryn and I have decided that we have become quite the ‘k’ runners. I think our favorite part is going out to breakfast afterwards, but you know, whatever gets you motivated – a worthy cause or a good sausage biscuit.
After the race we went to Target and I bought her birthday present, she wanted a planner and she kept talking about the planners and how she likes mine, but she would never just buy it. So I figured I’d take her to pick one out and buy it for her. I mean, those are the best gifts anyway, something you want but just won’t buy for yourself – like a shredder (that’s mine for now). We ran into my boss, Kathy, while I was there. Kathy was asking me about the payroll temp that we have now, how she’s treating me and such. I told her that I’m scared to go over to her cubicle because she beats me and she told me not to tell but I figured since we were outside of work I was in a safe space; Target’s always a safe space. Kathy is used to me making false accusations of being beat by people, so she just laughed but she asked if everything was seriously okay, she said she’d worried this new payroll temp would be patronizing towards me. I told her in all honesty I was worried that she would treat me like that at first too, especially because the first day she was there she said, “Those are cute shoes,” the statement in and of itself is not offensive or patronizing, it was the tone. She sounded like her true calling was working with 2-3 year olds. I don’t like being talked to like a preschooler (Tami knows what I'm talking about, remember Foundations to Education or whatever that class was with "The Ring" book and there was that one girl who spoke to us that way?) So the first day was rough, and I asked a few people if she talked the same way to them. So far at my job I haven’t had any problems with people accepting how young I am because most of the underwriters are my age, and they’re the main income source for the company. The other payroll temps (yeah, we’ve had a total of 3 since I started in October) never treated me like I was younger. Well, Wanda would, but only when I would make reference to feeling old, or say something outlandish like, “When I was younger” because apparently using that statement to talk about being 17 is unacceptable. Digression. I informed Kathy that the more I got to know the temp (who for some reason won’t get a name mention because that’s apparently what you do with temps…just call them temp) the better we got along, she’s no Wanda (we really liked Wanda and wanted her to stay), but I didn’t feel like she was trying to win over a 3 year old when she spoke to me. Granted she really likes reading me my horoscope every day. It’s not so bad, but she really believes this stuff so I can’t make fun of them with her, I just have to say, “Oh nice, I’ll keep those lucky numbers in mind” or “Guess it’s a good moon to get a boyfriend.” Then she smiles and is content.
Wow, I was just going to tell you about the 5k, sorry about that. But I figured you’d had enough of Starbucks rants and toilet paper admiration and would like to hear some stuff that’s really happening.

P.S. Chubbers (who for some reason I keep calling Polka Dot) and I have some pictures together. We don't have a lot of them, so I figured I'd show you so I could feel like I'm a good mom. Ignore my clothing, I never go out in public like that so don't judge me. Anyway, I think he likes me.

Those are my feet, so this counts as one.


cassie said...

watch out because Temps become one of you then they become the boss of you then they try to fire you because you have a cute Boy/girlfriend, then they get hooked on drugs, get arrested and then get fired, so I guess you're okay. (You'll understand if you watch the Office, and if you don't shame on you)

anywho great job with the 5K, that's awesome.

Sarah said...

lol Cassie, I knew you were headed in that direction with your first sentence. ha ha
And D, don't stop your random posts. I LOVE them!


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