Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spiderman. Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can.

Yesterday at work I had something to do. We are moving buildings, so yesterday these guys came to take our filing cabinets to that we can have them painted to match the new office, because the new office will have some color to it! I’m so excited, I found out yesterday that my cubicle will either be blue or gold, I’m holding my breath for blue, but if it’s gold-ish I’ll just pimp it out like it’s meant to be, complete with pimp-daddy hat on the coat rack and a cane leaning against the wall below it. Maybe I’ll have rap constantly streaming from some rimmed speakers on attached to my computer. Yeah, put baby spinners on those puppies. So for everyone’s sake let’s hope I get the blue, and if I have to have gold, let me have the window! It will make it better. Um, not what I was going to talk about.
Yesterday afternoon I was in a foul mood, not really sure why, but Gena could tell and she asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing, though there was plenty I could have mentioned. So when Julie told me that I could show the guys around downstairs to find all the filing cabinets and bookcases I wasn’t very good at hiding the fact that I didn’t want to. I hate walking around the building with people; I hate giving the tours or walking interviews to the conference room, or worse, upstairs. I don’t know what it is; I’m most definitely not destined to be a tour guide. Not to mention that all the filing cabinets were supposed to be emptied by the 13th and I opened a series of cabinets to find trash and empty hanging file folders in them. I thought, “What the heck does empty mean to you people?” Last I checked the definition didn’t have an addendum on it that said, “except for stuff you no longer need”. So I collected all the trash and file folders and put it on that departments cart, if they want it organized they’ll have to do that. I’m not their mom or babysitter; these people are older than me for goodness sakes.
When Gena was asking me what was wrong I told her that I would be fine in 20 minutes, so I went to my desk and worked on being normal before 20 minutes was up. Then I went to her desk and smiled and she rolled her eyes and told me it was an act and I said, “Gena! Don’t bring me down!” But then I was fine, I was talking to her like I normally do and I wish I hadn’t let my sour mood be so transparent yesterday. But by the time I left my desk she believed I was fine. When the moving guys came downstairs I was okay with showing them where everything was. One of them, I’ll call him Spiderman because he had a huge spider web tattoo, was a talker. Every time he came in he had something to say. At one point we got him two bookcases and he said something about how many we had, my count said seven total. So he grabs a few more filing cabinets and he comes back in and I tell him we have one more bookcase. He says, “I hope more than one I have 10 on my sheet and we only have two in the truck.” So I ignore the comment at first and start going through in my head where all the bookcases were and counted, there was no way we had 10, we had half that. So I call Julie and ask her how many they collected from the third floor. We went upstairs and checked all the locations to make sure we’d gotten them all and then we went downstairs to meet the guys again.
Spiderman tells Julie that he has 13 on his list and I’m wondering how tuned in this guy really is. I mean, 15 minutes ago you had 10 on your list, now you have 13? So he said he’d bring his list in and we could compare list, just to make sure that. As it turns out the person who gave him the list either had a misprint or was severely confused, sure enough the list said 13 tall bookcases, so Spiderman scratched out 13 and wrote in 5, like there should have been. He said he was relieved, because if we had 13 bookcases he would have had to stack them, and that leaves more possibility for damage. That’s great. Then he talked to Gena and I about his tattoos and showed us some of his others. I’m not a tattoo person, but they were very detailed and cool looking, but I hope he knows if he doesn’t keep his arms in shape those tattoos are going to change a little. Then he left. And that was my experience with Spiderman and the best part is, I just had to walk and point for the last 2 hours of work.

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cassie said...

I'm voting for gold, then you'd have the best pictures for a blog, PIMP THAT CUBICLE !


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