Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't stand too close to them you'll go into sugar shock*

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the one where everyday you wake up you wish it were just Friday already, or better yet, Saturday morning. That would be so nice. But I'm close, so very close.

There have been highlights to my week however. Monday I went with my sister, Joanna, to look at a house. And just so she knows that I actually did like it and am not just making it up, I will officially write in my blog that I liked it. I have my fingers crossed and keep thinking of all the cool things I could do with the basement (that's right, I have decided that it is that time in my life that I morph into a cliche. You haven't lived until you've been a cliche at least once in your life, I choose to the 'single sibling living in my sister's basement' cliche). So Joanna, I really do like the house.

Tuesday I got to look at another house, but with another sister. Don't worry, no one's two timing Joe Jr.* Sister one is buying, sister two is renting (sans me). But I went with her to look on our lunch break. A totally cute house, other hand's fingers crossed for her.

After work on Tuesday I had the honor of talking to Murbatron on the phone. She had a much more eventful day then I did (911, crazy rainstorms and flooding...oh California weather, you so crazy). From that conversation I was off to Institute followed by burgers (yes, a goal of mine has been to stop going out to eat after institute, but so far epic fail on my part - don't judge). At, we'll call it dinner, I was the only girl on my side of the table, my time was broken up between conversation (monologue might better fit the bill) about the Mad Hatter and America's Next Top Model. Then my friend Joseph kept calling down to me from the other end of the table and would call me "Dude" and wanted me to call him "Babe"...why I had to take the male nickname I don't know. It took some getting used to, but I finally got the hang of calling him Babe every time I spoke to him.

Last night I went to a Christmas party (stop blinking and shaking your head you read it right) at Dave and Buster's. Elaina is the "Special Events Consultant" there and she invited me to come. It was funny because Isaac and Stephanie were there and I introduced Isaac to my sister and brother-in-law and he said, "I read her blog." Just like that. So, thank you Isaac for promoting my blog...10 blog bucks to you!

Today is Thursday, thank goodness! The week is almost over! It's been overcast all week (I think, feels like it has been all week) and it's amazing how that zaps your energy. I think I need to go find somewhere to take a nap until it's time to go home.


Martha said...

Joe Jr- While you were sleeping.

Sugar shock?- I know it, but my brain is focusing on the rest of my body swelling.

Joanna and Ben said...

ahhh, the Weideman twins...that's from The cutting Edge

Sarie Lou said...

I love the weekends. I could really use another one...right now! I need a vacation from my vacation!


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