Sunday, October 11, 2009

I thought U2 was a type of submarine*

As promised, even though a little behind, pictures from the U2/Muse concert.

Now for the videos

I was totally distracted by this couples dancing on more than one the end I begin to pull myself away, worried that others notice that I am videotaping these strangers.


G Sauce said...

Um hello I would like you videos!! Last night I saw the very end of this Rock show on MTV2 and they were talking about U2. One of the guys said, "U2 is the best stadium rockers of all time. They might not be the best rock band but they are the best stadium rock band." I think I agree with that statement!

Sarie Lou said...

I feel like I should know that quote. Is it from The Office? Looks like a fun concert!!

AuntKatween said...

Four weddings and a funeral


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