Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I just wish I'd realized at the time, he was talking about MY life.*

Randomly today I thought of Eek! The Cat. Anyone remember him?

I didn't remember anything except the name of the show...and that he was a cat. I didn't even remember he was purple. So I googled it and suddenly I remembered a lot about it. Like Sharky the dog.

For some reason I wish I could remember dialogue and story line, but I'm sure I can find something on Youtube later on. Weird how random thoughts come into your mind.

Of course, on Friday night we had some people over to watch Psych and before we started to watch we went off on shows we used to watch as kids. It was really fun actually as someone would mention one you would think of another. And at least one other person knew what you were talking about so you didn't have that moment where you were like, "Maybe I made that one up".

...Pardon my nostalgia

I'll stop. But feel free to mention any shows you remember watching as a kid!


Katie H said...

While you were sleeping. My favorite.

Or am I totally off?

Lildonbro said...

No you got it right! :)

Sarie Lou said...

I loved watching The Dinosaurs. Not the Mama!

Cassie said...

bobby's world. my fave episode was the swimming pool one with the song "fish don't stink"

Joanna and Ben said...

oh, that was fun. Thanks for reminding me of all those great shows...they were so much better than the ones today.


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