Monday, February 8, 2010

You son of a motherless goat!*

15 more days until counting. I have decided that I want to stay with the red paint that is found on the bottom half of the wall in the kitchen. So I will be outfitting the place with random red things.

As I don't have a decorating eye like my sister Joanna, I am keeping my choices safe for now. I had received two gift cards for my birthday so I used them towards the purchase of a few items for the house.

I wanted something to hold the mail. One of my pet peeves since...forever, is not having a way to sort the mail for different people. So in the end you might miss an important piece of mail because it got lost in an ever growing pile on the kitchen table. I picked out the one I wanted and then found out that it was only available online. So I added it to my cart and then found out it was eligible for free shipping. These kind of deals always get me because the only thing I hate about shopping on the intranet is having to pay for shipping.

So I went on the search for other items I wanted that were also eligible for free shipping. Let me just say that most items I want are not. There is a piece of furniture I am interested in that qualified, but I am holding off on big things until I am in the house and have a better idea how everything will fit. I finally found two things that were on my list. The mixing bowls and the spatulas. My current roommate, Anne, has gotten me hooked on the rubber spatulas. I used to rarely use one and now I can easily use one or two while cooking. She has quite the plethora of them.


Amber Lanae- said...

*The Three Amigos


(PS. I think Hercules said something similar to your quote too...)

Sarah said... I'm partial to red my self. I bought a vacuum just because it was red. So I like. ...very nice

Cassie said...

How did you ever get by without using spatula's, I rikey the red.

G Sauce said...

I dig the red!


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