Monday, November 1, 2010

I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob.*

When Clip art just won't do...
Just use the real thing.

This is what happens when someone at work just gets sick and tired of having to clean up after people. Seriously, it can get pretty bad at the coffee stations. I mean - did you not notice you spilled half a cup of coffee...or that you were no long pouring sugar into your mug but rather ALL OVER the counter? (If you couldn't tell, sometimes I fill in with the whole cleaning of the coffee stations.

So I can't really say I was surprised when Pam decided to put up signs. I had seen her playing around with different clip art all morning. Changing the wording to not be so...rude (adding the word "please" can go a long can removing the exclamation points). What did surprise me was when her face popped up outside of my workstation and she ordered politely requested for me to come help her. Not that documenting the excursion was helpful.
So it begins...

Just in case smearing actual coffee on the sign wasn't enough, coffee grounds were added.

The best part is...she made quite a mess of the coffee station making the sign:

Once they were done I got to put them through the laminator. That was the fun part (for me - I'm sure Pam had a blast shaking a coffee mug, dripping with coffee, all over the place).

Does this count as passive aggressive??


Sarah said...

office space!

That is so funny you guys made those signs. Love it :)

Katie H said...

Office Space?

Definitely passive-aggressive. Have you seen the passive-aggressive website? Reminds me not only of places I've worked, but a roommate I lived with (in the same room, even) who would leave notes rather than talk to anyone about anything. Uh...yeeeeeah.

Ashley said...

haha love this! Luckily our office does not get this bad.

And yes - Christian was imitating a scence from "So I Married an axe murderer." Ridiculous but funny!

The Ottley's said...



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