Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream... of spring.*

For a while now I have wanted to add a third shelf to my laundry closet. There was all this space at the top that I couldn't use and with two roommates those shelves quickly filled up. I had talked about it with my dad before, but then nothing ever happened. So two weeks ago I mentioned to my dad that I really wanted to add the shelf and wanted his help.

Dad said that it was a simple thing, I could probably even do it myself but to call him on Friday and remind him. It's funny how the word 'simple' can get tossed around so...simply. Something that is simple to him is not simple to me. Measuring wood, using a level, a wood saw, nails, hammer, sounds so simple, but there is more to it. There's knowing the right kind of wood (thickness included), finding studs in the wall, knowing what kind of nails to use, what kind of hand saw to use (cross cut and ...something else), which little thing to put in the middle of the shelf to buy.

...Okay, so it doesn't seem so complex when I read over it, but that's because I know now...I didn't know before. I could not have done this on my own. The shelf would have fallen within 24 hours had I been on my own. I want to be handy, the same way I want to be crafty, artistic, intelligent - desire doesn't always yield results and unfortunately I lack determination, self-discipline, and I really don't yield results.
But with the help of super-dad I do!

Dad putting in the little notch for the replacement shelf (Oh...we put in a third shelf and replaced the lower one since it was sickly....see: Dad let me take a swing cut at sawing. ...he made it look so easy. I still remember the steps, easy to follow except that "push the saw" one...I marked the wood, lined it up with my thumb balancing it, I pulled the saw, no problem and then...push...


Pushing harder, maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. The saw bowed slightly but didn't move. Dad told me to hold my arm differently. Okay. This will work now. And Push!


Finally, after much struggle and embarrassment, I cut the little piece of wood. Later he cut the bigger piece of wood and halfway through he stopped. We both laughed because we were both thinking the same thing. Why was it so hard for me to saw the wood? He said it was probably because he's been doing this a long time...thanks dad.
Along with adding the shelf we properly hung the trash can up with a "Wall-Dog"(..."it's got bark, it's got bite, it holds on tight.") and a stud (there's no where else for this trash can to stay out of the way...anyway, here are the results.
We put the old shelf at the bottom on top of the new shelf until I can get around to painting the shelves.


Martha said...

That Dad! That's why I love him. Totally awesome. I have a list of things we need help with when he comes out here again.

Joanna & Ben said...

Hello, yeah, he's good. At least now my hubby is learning from him so that I can have a handy man at the ready. Dad has fixed a lot of things in the new house and taught Ben how to do a lot him.

Lady Em said...

See, I stalk your blog. You may feel like you never talk to me but I feel like I talk to you almost everyday...=)

G Sauce said...

I love it! I's so proud!


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