Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're my same height, that is neat.*

Boston: Where rules are made to be broken
...Where everybody knows your name

...Where donkeys meet some opposition

...Where tea is meant to be dumped

Day 2 of the Boston trip (sorry I'm so behind - I've been super busy this week). First and foremost - we wanted breakfast and not just gingermuffins and donuts...pancakes were on my mind. We bought sweatshirts from a street vendor and I asked him where a good breakfast joint was. He said, "Where are you from?" I said, "Richmond, Virginia." Then he said, "Boston really isn't a breakfast town." NOT A BREAKFAST TOWN?! What have I gotten myself in to?! Apparently the rave about Dunkin Donuts is for the coffee not the breakfast delights. But then he told us of a little place called Anthony's

Anthony's did not disappoint...

We went back to the sweatshirt guy so Caitlin could buy one and I told him breakfast was a success. Then I got a new job...

Then we got a little lost and decided to check The Book in an alleyway...shortly after some guy called me "Shorty" and asked me something - I couldn't understand him, I felt like the friend in "Adventures in Babysitting" who lost her glasses in the subway station (bus station?) and thought a rat was a cat...okay so I didn't really, but whatever. Elaina laughed cause the guy called me shorty and I was the tallest person in the group.

Elaina's new hat I think it's a bunny.

For day 2 we did the Freedom Trail and Quincy's Market (though we accidentally found Quincy's). Quincy's is where we found the fake Cheers.

And a street performer. I felt like I was in San Francisco again...except that I was freezing!

(Video should load on Facebook page (link to the right)...blogger doesn't like my videos)

He juggled knives with that one blade spinning around, 12 feet above the ground.

Classic Stalker Picture

Then it was off to the Freedom Trail

While we waited to take a picture of Sam Adams' grave we ran into this festive looking guy. We listened to his interesting stories and even his funny joke about the Beantown Pub across the's the only place you can drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at...a cold Sam Adams. It wasn't until he said, "On our next stop," that I realized he was a tour guide and we were tour crashers. I had just thought he was a guy who dressed up and stood by Sam Adams' grave telling stories (it's not like I haven't seen something like that happen before...)

People in Boston were so nice, we had a couple come and ask us if we needed help finding where we were going when we were crowded around a map in the T (metro), then a guy asked us if we wanted him to take a picture of all four of us by the sign to The Old North Church. Then he ran off with my camera and I chased him down, kicked him in the kidneys, and got my camera back...just kidding, he gave the camera back right away.

We toured the bell tower (creepy stairwells) and the crypts (just plain creepy) of the church and came to discover that that's one shady church...they moved bodies around all the time to make extra money...skeesy (sp?).

The coolest part was when our tour guide was telling us how this man "flew" from the bell tower while shooting pistols, and just as she said it a cannon went off...couldn't have asked for better timing.

Random photos

Finally we got tuckered out. We went back to Quincy's got dinner and went back to the hotel room. Kelli and Caitlin asked me to "dramatically" read "The Taking Tree" Done and Done.

Then we had our own Boston Tea Party and took pictures in our Boston hoodies.

....then we returned to life on Monday morning - sadness. I miss Boston.


Joanna & Ben said...

what a fun looking trip...I need to travel more.

Nick and Marianne said...

Orange COunty- I'm glad you had such a good time in Boston AND that you didn't really have to kick a man in the kidneys.


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