Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I think I'll go to Boston. Think I'll start a new life.*

This past weekend I went to Boston with a few friends. We had gotten tickets in advance, but it happened to come on the one weekend I needed a getaway most. I had an amazing time. Good city, good company, lots of fun.

It felt like longer than just a weekend and maybe that's what I needed most. When I am home the weekends fly by, they are jammed pack and I am more exhausted Monday than I was Friday afternoon. In Boston, it was also jammed packed, but we knew when to quit and I've never gone to bed so early in my life! Which works, cause it's carrying over into this week and I have actually been waking up before my 6:30 alarm goes off.

Rambling. In a nutshell, my trip to Boston was fabulous! I really liked Boston, which is strange cause it’s a city and I don’t consider myself a city person. I hate crowds and germs and public transportation…pretty much the very molecules that compose cities. I don't know if Boston is special, or if I misunderstood my feelings for cities...I mean, I kind of like Richmond city now that I have experienced it more, maybe I'll like other cities. It's like the time I rode roller coasters in Ohio even though I was certain I despised roller coasters and I ended up having a lot of fun.

rambling are some pictures of Day 1.
Super early in the morning, the sun isn't even up yet - we wait in the airport. Kelli and Caitlin played Monopoly (one of the only reasons I would get an iPhone)

When we got off the plane in Boston we saw the world's biggest cup of Jo. Just what I needed to get me started for the day.

P.S. I hate the smell of coffee and have never let that foul smelling stuff enter my system.

Finally! Breakfast! Dunkin Donuts Gingermuffin.

P.S. after the airport cup-a-jo we decided that Boston likes Dunkin Donuts - so we took pictures of each one we saw. (I think I at least saw 7 and Boston seems like a small town - I can only think of one in Richmond)

Then it was off to my first day at Harvard!

I ran up these steps singing the Rocky know, da-da-daaa-da-da-daaaa-da-da-daaa-da-da-daa

dum-de-dum-dee-dum-de-dum-dum-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaaa, dum-de-dum-na-na-na-dum-de-dum-na-na-na-na-na-na-naa-dum-de-dum-de-dum-dum-dummmmm. ( hear it don't you?)

Then we walked towards a pointy building cause it looked pretty. Afterwards Elaina and I pondered our options...

As we walked back towards Harvard we got asked to be in a documentary. How many times are you going to be asked to be in a documentary?? So we said 'yes'. All we had to do was answer one question..."Why do things happen?"

Easy peasy right? Yeah. And then we had to take photos (easy) and walk in front of the video camera...real slow-like (tortuously NOT easy).

We took a picture with our "film crew". I apparently became a tourist attraction while walking for the friends tell me that some Asian person took my picture while being filmed. ...They must be familiar with my blog and know how famous I am.

Also, while "filming" someone asked the chick where the Curious George store was. The wha? Seriously? I want to go to there.*

And so when we finished our long days work on the documentary - we went and I bought the best book ever, "The Taking Tree" I am hoping to have a special video reading available soon.

Then we found a cupcake shop - so Caitlin and Elaina indulged. I do not do whipped topping/icing, which is what I am certain was on top of that thing, so I passed. Plus $3.25 is a lot to pay for something of that size that you're not certain you'll like

Saw this true life poster on the way to lunch, it's so true...speaks right to my heart. We had lunch in a little bar that claimed to have good burgers...but I've seen better at Home Team Grill (yum - I miss that place - anyone up for some HTG?)

On the way back to the hotel...It's only like 3:30 or 4...but we'd been up a long time and had a long day.

We stayed at the Hilton and went down to the hot tub area where we had to wait for an old couple to stop making out...gross...good thing hot tubs have germ killing temperatures.

We stayed up as long as we could, but I'm pretty sure we were all out by 9 o'clock. The hotel clock said "7:45" when I was about to head off to nod but that's just cause they changed the clocks ahead of time so we wouldn't be confused on Sunday - just Saturday.


Isaac said...

I didn't know you did songs - Boston by Augustana

Lildonbro said...

Yup - mostly movies, sometimes music :)

Joanna & Ben said...

a Curious George store, What?? Pretty cool. and, I know that it was prob. just a college documentary, But I would like to see you in it. Sounds like a fun trip.

Lildonbro said...

Actually they were not affiliated with the school. Some crew members happened to be students, but not all were. So...who knows...if you ever see a preview for a documentary about why things happen you should probably go see it. There will be a thirty second sound bite from yours truly.


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