Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The morgue?! She'll be furious!*

A few weeks ago, we (Amber, Lindsay, Marissa and I) kidnapped Jim for his birthday and took him to see something he has wanted to see for all of his adult life.

Foamhenge: A full sized replica of Stonehenge made entirely of Styrofoam.

While kidnapping wasn't a surprise (Amber thought it best to let him know so he didn't go making other plans - it was wise) the location was. So we drove and drove and drove and then we stopped off at a Cracker Barrel miles and miles from home for breakfast. Jim loves Cracker Barrel, we began a brief fake relationship at Cracker Barrel several weeks ago when an old lady told us that it was so good to hear us laughing so much during her brunch (long story short, I actually thought she was coming to tell us to settle down).

Good morning kidnappers!

Cracker Barrel gives you syrup shots with every order of flapjacks - Jim drank one of those on a dare.

He kept trying to figure out where we were taking him, but after breakfast we told him that was it, we just wanted him to think something exciting was coming.

As we drove on towards our destination, we did a good job not telling him where we were going. Then, a few miles away we started to see giant billboards for Natural Bridge and Foamhenge (oddly enough I have never seen any type of advertising for Foamhenge), so he says, "Are we going to Foamhenge?" and everyone got quiet, turns out we all suck at lying (or being quick on our feet but that can't possibly be it).


We pull up behind a hippie van and to this day I am not sure if Jim giggling like a school girl was because he was finally at Foamhenge or because of the hippie van.

Darwin Loves You (that's what the sticker says)

Pretty sure there are signs that state you should not ever touch anything at Foamhenge. Also, pretty sure that Marissa and Lindsay are illiterate.

Amber and I jumping from an actual rock (meaning: we were allowed to stand on it)

The hippie van owners also had these two spacemen. Legend has it that they haven't seen each other in 20 years! Ever since they were handed out as wedding favors to select guest.

Again people: you are NOT allowed to touch Foamhenge!

And last but not least - Jim and I taking our engagement photo by Merlin (you know that Merlin resides at the real Stonehenge correct? Just making sure). Shhh - don't tell Matt I was briefly fake engaged to Jim, I'm hoping Matt and I can work out our fake differences.

Happy Birthday Jim!


Marissa said...

This day was one of the greatest! I may be illiterate, but I do comment on your blog. Now THAT is talent!

Here's to our next adventure!

Joanna & Ben said...

I had no idea that Foamhenge existed. Interesting. glad you all had a good time.

Death Becomes Her

Amber Lanae- said...

I'm pretty sure you and Jim are still engaged-there wasn't a facebook 'official' break up! In our day and age, that is absolutely mandatory!

With this logic, you also weren't ever broken up with Matt. Therefore you are fake engaged to two, possibly three people.

Jessica, your rumors make my head hurt keeping them straight with logic. I don't think there is any room for logic in these nonsensical situations...

AuntKatween said...

I love you jumping off that rock! You got air my sista:)


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