Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You should know that this is the strangest thing I have ever done!*

January - 4

February -3

March - 4

April -5

May - 4

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey - I knew Tina Fey was funny but my word! I started to read this book on a lunch break, I went into our department conference room so I could plug in to my iPod and read. I was laughing so hard by page 14 that I had tears rolling down my face! The best part was that someone opened the door to let the Shred-It guy come in and she thought I was crying and was like, "Oh crap! Sorry!" but I told her I was just laughing so hard I was crying, "This is the funniest book," I told her. Then I had to keep from reading while the guy was in there emptying the Shred-It bin so he wouldn't think I was snickering at him.
Maximum Ride, the Angel Experiment by James Patterson -
I had trouble getting in to this one and I wasn't 100% sure why. It was a good book, but I won't be rushing off to get the second anytime soon. Eventually I will probably finish the series.

Isaiah for Air Heads by John Bytheway - very informative and helpful in understanding Isaiah! If you read it, read it alongside the Isaiah chapters in your scriptures, you'll get the most out of it that way.
The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers - Another one I had a hard time getting in to, but once the twists and turns get going it was incredible. I loved that I was able to figure out certain aspects in advance but didn't feel like it was because it was too easy (if that makes sense). Tim Powers laid the clues down for you to find easily if you were looking, but you could easily be just as surprised as the characters if you wanted to be. I liked how he pulled bits and pieces from the histories of famous people and then wove them together to create this crazy, fictional history for the people. It's not what I would call a quick read, but it's a read that it worth it.


Vanessa said...

Oh Bossypants! That's on my to-read soon list! Tina Fey is hilarious and I'm so glad to hear all these positive things about it! Yay for reading!!

Michelle said...

*Tangled!! Yes! I love that movie. I'm intrigued by the Anubis book. That's my cupa tea..


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