Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I always feel like, somebody's watching me.*

Happy belated Memorial day!

This weekend felt like forever and made going to work this morning all the more difficult! Saturday morning I got up super early (okay, not that early) and ran a 5k. As you may recall from my 10k experience in April, I was a bit nervous to run. I know it was only three miles and I always know that I don't have strep, but the 10k left a bad taste in my mouth. I was nervous of how I would do, and even more nervous that if it didn't go well I would shun running for life (which would suck because I have signed up for a half marathon).

My roommate, Amber, came to run this one with me since Kat cancelled (yes, I just called you out). Amber and I got to the start line and got up near the front, I've always wanted to get up near the front. So I am in "the runners section" and they announce that if you cannot complete it in 20 minutes or less please stay away from the front line. I was relieved to find that I wasn't the only one scooting away from the front, in fact, most everyone was backing away. Behind me there was an older woman, maybe in her late 60's (no joke, white hair and all) and an official came up and asked her what her mile time was. I was thinking, "Oh crap! They're checking us all out!" The woman (remember how old) said, "9 to 10 minutes". She seemed nervous, like she was thinking the same thing I was. Would they remove the "slower" runners from the section? So the lady asked the official why she asked and the official says, "This lady's (point to woman) son is running the race on his own and we were looking for someone to run with him." So the old woman turns to the mom and asks what his time is and the mom says the last 5k he ran he finished in like 23 minutes.

Boys...they are naturally faster runners and it peeves me a little. Anyway, so then I was sitting there thinking, out of all the people in the runner's section you pick the visibly oldest woman to see if a boy who can run a 5k in 23 minutes can run alongside her? Struck me as a bit odd.

Needless to say, I had picked my mark. Usually when I run races I pick a child to keep up with, I guess it's easier for me because I feel that if a child can do it then I should be able to. Children are reckless runners though, they expend all their energy in quick burst, and then worst of all, it doesn't take them long to recoup. I can't run like that. Anyway, this old woman, with her 9-10 mile was exactly where I wanted to be, so I picked her. I kept my eye on her for the first mile or so, and then somewhere between 1-1.5 miles, I passed her. From there I just pretended to be running my 3 mile "track" through my neighborhood.

My goal for the 5k was 30 minutes. Last year when I ran the 5k I did it in about 33 minutes. When I came around to the finish line and saw the clock I picked up the pace and crossed the finish line at 28:51. I was extremely happy.

You would think that this success would pep me up for the half marathon, but really it only made me more nervous. A 5k is just a fraction of a half marathon, but I'm determined to do it now.


Martha said...

Kat ditched you? Rude.

Marissa said...

YAYYYYY!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! That's awesome!

I love that you normally pick children as your pacers. That just beyond cracks me up :)


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