Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That was just like Cary, I thought she was going to kill us all.*

I didn't even shout out that Friday night I went to a farewell dinner for my friend, Ashley. She will be leaving for an 18 month mission to Arizona. Sorry Ashley! That's how crazy my weekend was. I am also really proud of Ashley for making this big decision and big commitment! I am always in awe of missionaries who basically put their lives on hold for 18 - 24 months! I couldn't imagine doing that, but then again, I've always been kind of a selfish person. At the same time, I am a little envious that she gets to focus completely on missionary work and the gospel for 18 whole months.

The dinner was good, we all went around the table and shared one thing we loved about Ashley. I may have said more than one thing but I've never been good at following instructions. Then Ashley said that she felt like she should say something about each person in return and everyone was like, "No, this is your night" and I said, "Call me, I want to know" (again with the selfish/self centered). So she told me that my blog makes her laugh so hard, which surprised me a bit because sometimes I don't think it's very funny (I mean, one hopes but never knows) and then she brought up that two funny posts were the 5 best and 5 worst dates, so I'm thinking she's going to share with me how funny the 5 worst are. Instead she said that the 5 best made her laugh (and feel sorry for me) because even my best were bad...ouch? But then I thought about it, and she's probably right, but man did they make good stories!

Just in case you missed it:
Top 5 Best

Top 5 Worst


Marissa said...

This is hilarious and you didn't even mention the bast parts from dinner nor did you post our super awesome picture. Is it because I'm just that unphotogenic? I get it... thanks.

Vanessa said...

Missionaries amaze me. I could never just up and leave my life for that long. Good luck to your friend Ashley!

P.S. You are absolutely funny! 8)


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