Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing Phalanges!*

In college I got a black nose. A nice little bruise across my nose that was visible in any and all pictures. I know this not because my memory is great and grand (because it is not) but because there are pictures to prove it. I went to Washington to visit my friend, Tami, during spring break. In almost all the pictures I am in I can see my bruised nose.

I was looking at one of these pictures a couple of months ago and racked my brain for the story. How on earth did I get a bruised nose? The only thing that I do know is that it was during a sport. Which sport? Beats me. It would have been spring, so it either happened at the tail end of basketball or....something. I just know it was a sport, ok!?

Anyway, in case you weren't aware, I have always thought it would be a little bit awesome if I got a black eye while playing a sport (so you can see why I was disappointed in college to receive a black nose instead).

Last night I played frisbee and right in the beginning of the game a member on my team threw the frisbee to me, this guy on the other team jumped out and it hit his hand but still came at me, but instead of being ready for it now (because said guy had gotten in the way) I was unprepared, I didn't think he wouldn't get it. And then it happened. The frisbee smacked me right in the eye and no one asked me if I was okay! No one! I mean, I get it, I'm tough and I probably would have hated the attention anyway, mostly because I thought I was going to cry and didn't want them to see. But you could at least pretend like you are a little concerned and ask from a distance if I am alright so I at least have the opportunity to say, "Yeah, I'm fine, keep playing." Whatever.

The point, it really hurt. My vision was a little messed up in that eye for a while and I kept thinking, "My eyeball isn't round anymore I just know it!" My nose hurt, the corner of my eye hurt, and my eyeball hurt. I thought that this time I would get a black eye.

I kept playing though and by the end of the night forgot about it until I was driving home with a headache and a very sensitive nose.

When I got home I recounted the story to my roommate who thought I had a black eye. This is the conversation after I stated that I might get a black eye:

Amber - I can see it
Me - It's probably mascara because my eye was crying.
Amber - no, it's right under the eye, it's not make-up
Me - It's probably what my eyes normally look like, I have dark circles
Amber- no, that's not it, it's this eye right? (pointing to the eye that had nothing to do with this).
Me - No. See!

Then I went to the bathroom to check it out, a red mark on my nose, and two dark circles under my eyes (the dark circles are the ones I always have). Lame.


Ashley said...

If I had been there I would probably have asked if you were ok. But I wasn't there, so I don't know! Maybe you just loked really tough??

Joanna & Ben said...

ok Jess, nice story, but where's the picture?? I would like to see your black nose

housewife said...

man! all that pain and nothing to show for it!

Amber Lanae- said...


It totally looked like a black eye...I can't help it.


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