Monday, May 23, 2011

She looks like Magnum P.I. for goodness sakes.*

If you are reading this it means you weren't taken up in the rapture...I'm not sure exactly what to say to you. Congratulations? Sorry? You're in good company?

As you can tell by the very fact that I am writing this it means I wasn't taken either.

Or I was but they have blogger here too and I didn't want to gloat. It's so bright here and there's tons of gold. Good thing it happened at 6 pm, I was outside at a BBQ with my sunglasses on, so at least my eyes are protected from all the heavenly brightness. They have amazing snickerdoodles here too.

Mmmm, snickerdoodles.

Anyway, this weekend was crazy busy! I kept forgetting that the end of the world was supposed to happen. My roommate, Amber, graduated from VCU school of Pharmacy this weekend. I went to the hooding ceremony on Friday. I felt like such an underachiever as they hooded those students who also received their Ph.D or Masters. "So-and-so, her thesis, Ionic compounds of molecular dysentery pertaining to a totalitarianistic autoimmune system." (note: don't read in to that, you might realize I'm full of crap). Great, a full of crap underachiever. But I was really happy for these people, obviously they had worked hard to get to where they are. I was very proud of my roommate, I don't even have to imagine that Pharmacy is a program that will kick your butt, I semi-experienced it. It kicked my butt trying to understand what my roommate said when I listened to presentations or when she would go off on a patient case she found fascinating. I should have been hooded somehow - I mean, I know what necrotitis facsciitis is now (you don't want to know).

Point being - super proud of my roommate for her accomplishment!

Saturday morning was also crazy busy. I did some yard work and attempted to mow the lawn (until the lawn mower said it was just too much and died). I entered into a fake Facebook relationship over a two hour breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I got all the hair removed from my face (resulting in a 5 lbs weight loss and a compliment (I think) on my chin). I went grocery shopping, cleaned a bit of my room, got furniture out of the attic, finally got a shower around 2pm, baked a little, my roommate had a graduation BBQ, I got taken up in the rapture (kidding...obviously), then I had Q&A and ice cream thing at church, ice cream, and then a late night eating with some friends.

About the rapture, I have decided that what we were really waiting for was the raptor (of which I saw none). So then my friends and I started to make little raptor arms. I mean, talk about scary, waiting around for a raptor to come get you. If that's the case, count me as one of the lucky ones for Saturday, the raptor passed me over.

Sunday was pretty busy too by the way, I had visiting teaching, a meeting, church, dinner at Jo's. It doesn't sound like much, but it was exhausting (could have been residual from Saturday though). All I know is that by 5 o'clock all I had had to eat was a bowl of cheerios so I was cranky. I was so happy to finally get some food in my system. I was falling asleep on my sister's couch and when I got home I was ready to crash...which I did.

How was your weekend? Did we lose anyone to the rapture (or worse, the raptor)??


Vanessa said...

All that stupid rapture talk just makes me roll my eyes. People are absurd.

Mmmm snickerdoodles. I could go for some of that right now. And ice cream. Way to make me hungry. ;)

Lildonbro said...

Haha! Sorry Vanessa!

Amber Lanae- said...

"Ionic compounds of molecular dysentary pertaining to the totalitarinaistic autoimmune system."

HILARIOUS! Absolutely Hilarious because on some level it could make sense and I could see a graduate student saying something like that. Therefore you are not full of crap, just half-full ;)

Thanks for the huge shout out on your blog! I think when you get home we should hood you! I still have the hood-and now that I am a doctor I have the right to hood anyone I see fit! (Its like being the queen of England and knighting anyone)

Seriously-How did you get to be so funny? Did I trade my funniness for my doctorate degree?! If that is the case, I want them back!

Sarah said...

sounds like a fun weekend! And snickerdoodles are the best. A few years ago my friend and I had a halloween party and we had SnickerBOOdles :)

and on another random coworker has a pet pig and his name is Magnum P.I.G. Your title made me think of that :)

Lildonbro said...

New goal in life - get a pig and name it Magnum P.I.G.

Marissa said...

I love that this weekend was all about Amber. I also love that I was a part of so much of it. Let's keep that trend alive.

Watch out for the Raptors! Word on the street is they may come again in October...


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