Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh...that's super inappropriate.*

Yesterday, on my way to church, I drove past one of the elementary schools. I happened to read the sign at the front of the school and it struck me as funny, so I thought I would share. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, that would have been amazing. Maybe I'll drive by sometime this week with the hope that no one wised up and changed it. It read:

Cougar teachers are Priceless!

As I would say, this wasn't very well thought out.

As Marissa would say, there is a price, probably 7 years in prison.


Martha said...

I passed by the high school by our apartment after we were first married. The running announcement thing-a-ma-bob said, "Honk if you love Educatian!!"

Yeah, proof read people. I didn't get a picture, we went back a day or two later and it had been fixed.

Elizabeth said...

17 Again!!!! HAHAHAHAH

housewife said...

Ha! that is pretty darn funny!


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