Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'll find strength in pain, and I will change my ways.*

So here is a general update on my life. I don't know if I do these often. I prefer stories that keep you far away from really knowing what is going on...

  1. I got a new roommate! Her name is Kami, she's here for work from UT, and so far I really like her. She's got spunk and I've always respected spunk. She's also barely there. I know that doesn't sound like a good thing to like about your roommate, but you have to consider the source - I'm kind of a hermit who prefers to be left alone. So a roommate who isn't all up in my space will fit in just fine. I like her enough though that I don't mind shooting the breeze with her for a few hours randomly here and there.

  2. I am officially the institute council president - I guess I had been acting president for the last year, but I officially got called to the council a few weeks ago, and then it was decided I was to remain president. Since then we've had 2.5 meetings and we have an awesome activity coming up in June (if you are in Richmond you should come!) The .5 was because we were supposed to have a meeting after class yesterday but too many people were talking to Brother J. and it never happened.

  3. I have gotten back into running (watch me not go tonight). I am still having trouble breathing, but I am going to chalk it up to being out of shape/practice. I ran two miles straight on Monday and it felt like dying good. Tonight is 3 (wish me luck!) Sometimes I wonder if I am still sick or sick again, but I can't let myself think about it right now, I have to redeem myself with my 5k time on the 28th!

  4. I'm still having home-ownership pains which I am told to expect for the rest of my life or until I enter a retirement community. The AC isn't working, I was told it's 14 years old (typical life span of an AC unit is 7-15 years). Eek. I am getting an estimate on it on Friday, but I am not expecting any sort of good news. Those things can run in the $8,000 crowd from what I have heard. So I won't even ask you to wish me luck, this is something that may have to wait until next year's tax returns (don't worry roommates, they'll let me pump in the freon to get us through until then). ...I just want to finish my fence, get new siding, replace the windows, get a new fridge, put in a stone patio, and have grass in my front yard! Is that so much to ask!?

That's kind of it for now actually, but I already know that I will have some more to post later this week, so stay tuned!

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Sook said...

So that is why you and I got along so well when we were roommates... because I was NEVER there! :) I would love to run like that someday... that would be kind of fun!


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