Friday, October 21, 2011

To exotic places like...Milwaukie*

6 Places

I don't know if this is places I have been, have lived, or want to'm doing whatever. Again, this is in no particular order - it's mostly on when I found the pictures.

1. Virginia! This is my hometown. I love Virginia!

2. Rexburg, ID
3. Boston!!
4. Utah

Actually - I just love pancakes.

6. The Temple


J, K and L said...

pure. awesomeness.

*while you were sleeping.
also awesome.

Martha said...

While You Were Sleeping- funny, I just watched that Wednesday night. I needed some Joe, Jr.

Vanessa said...

I haven't been to a single one of these places, including IHop. Things need to change, obviously! I've been dreaming of Boston lately, so pretty!


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