Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a saint

Yesterday I was coming up the stairs at church and there was a toddler beginning to come down the stairs...alone. So I politely told him that we should turn around and walk the other way (back in to the building). He hit his head with his palm like, "Oh yeah, that's right, I should be going the other direction" and turned around. I had to go into the kitchen which is right by the stairwell so I turned to him and was like, "Don't try to trick me and make a break for the stairs while my back is turned."

I dropped off my stuff in the kitchen, came out into the hallway, and sure enough the little tyke was two steps down the stairs. I went to talk him out of it and mentioned how we could go find his mom or something. Then another kid came into view, he was about nine years old and upon seeing the kid he was like, "Oh there you are!"

I help him retrieve his brother and the nine year old says, "Are you a saint?"

This is what flashed into my mind:

This of course left me speechless. But I finally got a hold of myself and asked the kid if he was asking if I went to church there (Because our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SAINTS). He nodded and I was like, "Yes, I am." I don't know, I felt like I needed to clarify before I answered.

I don't know, maybe I could be Jessica the Patron Saint of Toddlers.


Meggan said...


Lacee said...

Heaven knows we need a saint for that category! :) Maybe a few of them!

Anonymous said...

"Oh there you are!" - Austin Powers

But I didn't see any *'s. tsk tsk


Joanna & Ben said...

If it were my kid who was escaping from the building i would be so glad you were there. ANd you are a Saint to me, you help me with my kids all the time.


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