Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good morning son, I am a bird.*

January - 4

February -3

March - 4

April -5

May - 4

June - 3

July -5

August - 3

September - 1

I know! I know!

Perdido Street Station by China Mieville

This book was a struggle at first. The first - oh 250 pages kind of drag. However, having read one of Mieville's other books (Unlondon) I knew that it would drag a bit - but that everything he writes - no matter how small - comes to play in the completion of the story. Once B.I.L. Ben gave me a deadline to finish the book I buckled down and forced myself to get through it - but then it hit that magical moment when the story just takes off and you can't put it down. It's a heavier book - so light readers beware. Also - B.I.L. Ben made an "edited" copy for me - I don't know what lay beyond the white out - but it very well may be offensive to some.

The story is complicated to explain - but let me try. This scientist, Isaac, is commissioned to help a Guarda (a flying man-bird) to regain his ability to fly. In the course of his research he comes across a grub and out of curiosity keeps it as it grows to be three feet long and wraps itself in it's chrysalis. This grub becomes a moth that sucks our people's dreams and memories - basically their minds. The idea intrigued me, which is why Ben edited a copy for me to read. It's a good read if you put in the effort for 250 pages or so.

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G Sauce said...

Pick up the pace! You don't want to have to read 10 books the last week of Dec! It sucks!


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