Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is there air? You don't know!*

Lildonbro here, live from the living room...I repeat, LIVE. I survived the half marathon!

Though I have to say, in the beginning I didn't think I would.

Thoughts at this moment: "Worst idea, ever!"

I ran most of the time, though at times it was a slow shuffle. I had to walk a little bit here and there because my left knee hurt and my right foot felt as though it were going to split open. Other than wasn't so bad.

I was coming down the home stretch and the cheers were getting louder. That's normal in a race near the finish, but I decided to look over to the side and I saw a guy booking it to the finish. The street was divided into two lanes, and he was in the other, empty one. He...was the first finisher of the marathon. He beat me by a few feet and he ran double what I did. I couldn't help but clap for him. I will post my results

I met my sister for breakfast at Boychik's and finally put my sticker on my car. Yay!

Yummy biscuitos.

When I got home I found a nice little gift and note from my roommate, Kami.
P.S. the results were posted last night - my time was 2:27:46.


Nick and Marianne said...

Good Job! You are amazing...I can barely run for 13.1 minutes.

Lacee said...

Wow, what a dedicated runner; I'm kind of could probably fit into anything you want to!

Brianna said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment. P.S. loved seeing the pictures of Richmond...I miss the city :(

Anonymous said...

Galaxy Quest. And yes, I DO know.

Elizabeth said...

Way to go! Seriously! Good Job!

Martha said...

I have Marianne beat. I can barely run for 13.1 seconds.

Good job, yo! Glad to see Kat met you for breakfast.

Vanessa said...

The thought of running a marathon makes me want to curl into a fetal position and cry. So seriously, you are AWESOME! Congrats lady!


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