Friday, November 25, 2011

I like the night life.*

I have survived one more year of the Harvest Ball! Yea!

Considering how busy I was making sure that the food was stocked and the punch was available (because my word, that punch was popular! Recipe here) I took a lot of photos! So I will mostly just post with some comments here and there. We had over 200 people there this year and it was a lot of fun!

This picture just cracks me up!

Some of you may remember my fake fiance, Matt. He grew a stash for Movember and looked like he could be from the 70's...he's kind of a big deal*

Kami took quite a few of Ryan and me. She's obsessed with us.
Bryan, Kami, Christian and me.

DaNcInG FiEnDs

He was actually trying to avoid the camera...but it looked like a dance move.

And then just some more random photos.

This is where I was threatening's good to know that Ryan will just stand by and laugh (he's probably just happy that face isn't directed at him).
I feel like Tyson NEVER smiles - so this was big.
Jesse is so excited that the Harvest Ball is finally over!

I thought they wouldn't like this picture...but Tyson LOVED it. Must be the baby carrot.

1 comment:

J, K and L said...

who is this boy & why do i not know this story??! outrage, outrage. (okay, just kidding. well...sort of.)

awesome pics. you are beautimous. i mean it. i covet your eyelashes. and height/thinness. and want to see you at christmastime. the sister & i will be in town dec 16-12/23 (well, i will be here after that, gin will be gone). maybe a cookie exchange at someone's house??? maybe i should see jo too...and this new bambina...and how she does the mommy thing in general...

uh oh. tmi. and rambling. for all to see.

you love me. ;)


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