Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm molting!*

Sooooo....I don't think I told you guys about why I was on meds (pain killers and antibiotics).  I have been told a few times that I haven't really blogged much - so I think it's safe to assume I've done a bad job of updating you guys.

(p.s. I promise there are more pictures from my AZ trip to come - there are just a LOT of them and I need to pick which ones to post).

Alright - the meds.

About 6 years ago I had some issues with my jaw, it basically felt like a Charley horse in my jaw!  The only thing that helped was sipping on cold water (I went to the bathroom a lot in those times).  I went to two doctors and a dentist and nothing was conclusive.  My doctor said it might be TMJ.  Patient First didn't know either, but they gave me antibiotics (they always do).  And the dentist couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth.  So I took my antibiotics and eventually the pain went away.  That is, until about three or four weeks ago the pain came back.  Since nothing was done about it last time I ignored it (I know - I know).  Then my face started to swell and the pain woke me up at night - so I went to the dentist.  He took a look at the tooth and said I might need a root canal *gulp*. 

Well, I had this Arizona trip planned and I wasn't sure what was involved in a root canal and...I....didn't want one.  So I put it off until yesterday.  I was pretty nervous.  First - can I just say - I have this fear/expectation that people behind a front desk at doctor's offices are going to be cranky and mean and treat me like I'm an idiot.  I'm not sure where this came from, I can only assume it's happened enough that I have been condition to think it when approaching a similar desk.  But these people were so nice.  Everyone kept checking up on my allergies, making sure I wasn't allergic to latex or any medication (they asked A LOT).  I went to the back and sat in a VERY comfy dentist chair (there's no sarcasm here folks).  They had a TV there - so I got to listen to Fox News the whole time and my chair was in front of these two huge windows.  At one point I wanted to tell them that they had a very nice facility.

The whole process was actually pretty relaxing.  They gave me my little smock and put safety glasses on my face.  I leaned my head back and they put some kind of balloon contraption around my mouth - which was nice because there weren't random tooth chunks and fluids falling in to my mouth.  I closed my eyes and let myself start drifting off and before I knew it they were done.  I kind of wished it went on longer so I could have gotten a decent nap.  It's kind of sad that the only time I can truly relax seems to be in a dentist chair.

But honestly, it was a lot better than getting a cavity filled.  Very relaxing.  So far - none of the bad stuff he mentioned might happen has I'm happy thus far.

OH - but my whole point!! I have to get another one.  The tooth next to it MAY have been the culprit of the 2007 Jaw-Charley Horse.  It has some bone loss? (I think that's what he said).  It's funny because never in my life has the back tooth bothered me.  The doctor did a cold test on those teeth and the back didn't react at all, which made him take an x-ray and got me another appointment for another root canal.  So the lesson here - no pain means big trouble.  It's okay - cause I'm sure I could use another nap like that.

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