Sunday, September 30, 2012

I know that I do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?*

Monday morning, Jesse and I ate breakfast that little town we stayed in and headed over to Havasupai. That's when I got to meet his parents and we began our ten mile hike to our camp site. 

We find the Mormons 8 miles in to the hike!

We have to cross the "river" to get to our campsite - in the hopes that this would keep the horses and other animals away

Our home for the next few days.
The ten mile hike in wasn't so bad. I was over it by the last two miles which was mostly sand and downhill.  It was nice to set up camp and rest!  More picture with waterfalls to come!


Lacee said...

Wow, I wonder what the ward boundaries are to that church building. And why was it built there? Surely there's an easier place in town?? Guess not. :)

Martha said...

More pictures of you in shorts! More pictures of you in shorts!!

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Lacee - the closet town is over an hour away...We did ask though - there are 500 people who live on the reservation there and there were only two churches, I'm honored that we were one of them :)

Martha - I kept telling them not to get my legs in the photos! I didn't want people to see me in shorts.


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