Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The only good thing about being wounded in the but-tocks...is the ice cream.*

Let's talk a little bit about ice-cream - specifically, Cold Stone

A few weeks ago, at our interesting Regional Activity that got rained out and moved to the church building, my friend, Cam, won a $15 gift card.  He said he didn't even know where a Cold Stone was and I told him there was one right by my house so he could take me on a date to get some (yeah - there are some people I have no qualms speaking to this way).  I keep reminding him (he lost the gift card by the way - he's looking for it and he likes to hold the ice cream over my head if I am doing better than him at Frisbee). 

I think the part of the story I like the best is that from this I got two dates for ice cream, neither of which were Cam.  The first asked if I would like to get some ice cream because he didn't think I should have to pressure Cam into taking me to get some.  The other said he wanted to try the concoction I get there (cake batter and mint mixed together with graham crackers - yum-o).  One was for this past Friday and the other for Saturday.

I had to reschedule Friday because I was feel pretty sick from my meds (my meds being antibiotics and pain killers...I'll explain sooner or later).  So Friday was moved to Monday and Saturday stayed the same.

Saturday, we had a baptism at church at five, so my date and I were going to go grab ice cream afterwards.  Here are the highlights.

Right after the baptism I was talking to two of my friends and my date came up and said, "I'm just going to run to the bathroom real quick." and I said, "okay" and my friends, who didn't know I was going on a date looked quizzical and I said, "Oh, sometimes he just like to tell me when he's going to the bathroom."  We laughed and joked that we should start doing that to people.  I did explain to them that we were going out for ice cream so it wasn't totally strange that he came up to tell me that.

He opened my car door for me and then we looked up the closest Cold Stone.  He decided to go to the one by my house.  It was a good time, I was coming off of pain meds so I can't really tell you all that happened. He did tell me that it was the first time that he had been alone with a girl since coming back from his mission (...he is an older returned missionary BTW) and I informed him that I was coming off of pain meds so I wasn't sure exactly what I would say. 

We had good conversation (I hope) and several times where I told him I was talking too much and it was his turn.  We got up to leave, he opened my door for me, and then he started to drive towards my house.  I wasn't sure if he wanted to keep hanging out or something so I didn't say anything until we were about to pull into my driveway and he starts thanking me for coming out to ice cream with him and I was like, "Oh, you're welcome...can we go get my car?"  Not a big deal, but I do need my car to get around.  We laughed about it cause he blanked and forgot my car was still at the church.  He thanked me again though, when we finally got back to my car. 

The next ice cream date was last night.  We met up at the church (I seem to be meeting up there a lot lately), skipping FHE in the great cause of ice cream! We went to the same Cold Stone at Saturday...luckily there were different people working.  It was a pretty eventful night - I ran into Mary Carmen's sister and a little boy sitting outside kept trying to communicate with me through the glass.  I think he was asking me where my ice cream was and I tried to communicate back that I ate it and it was yummy.  Then we kept trying to touch fingertips through the glass until his mom told him to finish his ice cream.  Also, Jennifer Garner made our ice cream - okay, okay, so the girl at Cold Stone just looked like her.

After that we went and walked around Barnes and Noble at all the books.  There were some very interesting ones and I may or may not have bought my brother-in-law a very random gift...but when you see something that reminds you of someone - it's the perfect gift and you should get it for them.

Now...I've had enough Coldstone to get me through to the new year.  It's time to cut out the sugar and be more diligent working out!


Anonymous said...

*Forrest, Forrest Gump.

So THAT's the deal with the bathroom story. It continues to circulate, and I've been wondering what was up.

That's ALSO the deal with FHE. It's all finally starting to make sense.

Now if I could just understand why there were two weeks without posts....


Amber Lanae- said...

*Forest Gump!!!

I love ice-cream. Especially coldstone. I can still sing the songs from when I worked there!

"Cold-stone! Here at Cold-stone! Have a yabba dabba doo time!!"

G Sauce said...

Forrest Gump!

Vanessa said...

Dates for ice cream, I love it! And I especially love that it was at Coldstone! All the ones around here have closed up shop, which makes me super sad. But we did just get a froyo place so that makes up for it!


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