Monday, October 1, 2012

Another big word!*

Day two at Havasupai we hiked down to Mooney and Beaver Falls.  It was an 8 mile round trip.  There are A LOT of photos for this one so I will just post them with minimal comments.  Just know that the pictures don't do the beauty of the falls justice.  This place was absolutely amazing.

Mooney Falls
I thought this meant we were turning around...nope

straight drop down - see those chains? I held on to them for dear life.

View looking up
Ahh!! Water!

See the look on my face? That's because they said we're jumping in and I thought it was a joke.

Ahh!! Water!
see that green?  We walked through A LOT of that stuff on the way.

Beaver Falls - there's a little part underneath that you swim out to...I did...and yes, I feared for my life.

Random tree stump in a cave...what's that all about?

Jesse's parents from right above the falls

View from the top of the falls.

When we got back to our campsite that day we found three visitors.

 That horse right there - he poohed right next to my tent.  We came up and Jesse saw it first and laughed, telling me I was not a lucky girl.  Then I reprimanded the horse - I asked him if he even felt sorry for what he had done but he didn't even look at me.

Jesse grabbed a stick for a makeshift broom and cleaned up the campsite - my hero.
 We made dinner, played 10,000 (aka Farkle) and tried to stay up past eight...but then we couldn't make it.  End of day two.

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Anonymous said...

*Baxter! Woohoo!

Also, those waterfalls are incredible.



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