Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To a ten year-old, I'm huge.*

I had a pretty busy weekend.  Friday night - I stopped by the boys house and only Christian was home.  I was able to talk him in to going to the store with me to buy a puzzle - but that will actually be a separate blog post because it's the puzzle of all puzzles and deserves its own post.

Saturday morning we got up early and went hiking.  By 'we' I mean Chris, Nick, Ben, and me.  The boys were super tired because their friend had come over Friday before I left and they stayed up most of the night talking to him.  Ben almost didn't make it because he had to go up to campus and the plan had been to meet up with two of Chris' friends from DC - but they bailed and we were able to wait for Ben to finish up. 

When I first got back from Arizona, Nick asked if I was going to compare everything to Havasupai and the Grand Canyon (I guess I had been doing that a lot).  So when we started the hike and I looked up at the "falls" I was like, "I've screwed myself over, I should have never gone to Havasupai."  I mean - you remember the pictures of the falls there right?  So here are the falls at Crabtree.

I mean - pretty - but I remember it being a lot prettier....and bigger

We found a snake - well, Nick almost stepped on it - that counts as 'finding' right

The boys are trying to figure out what to do with the snake.  Should we pick it up with a stick and toss it further in the woods, warn others about it (oh yeah - they thought it was a copperhead for a while).  They just left it.
This is our sad face - why are we sad? Not sure
World's shortest hike

Ben showing us how he looks in a hat because he doesn't think he looks good in them.  I warned him I have a thing for guys in baseball hats.

We found this pay phone at the head of the trail.  Ben remembers how it works - I think Chris was checking for service first.

From there I had an important birthday party to get to - Olivia (who turned one yesterday).
She's got this cake under control

Then it was back to the boys to get ready for the Halloween dance at church.  We decided to go as rock, paper, scissors.

Christian made these scissors for Ben - VERY last minute.  He's so ready to be a dad.

I did Ben's make-up and I think it went straight to his head - look at him modeling

We were a big hit at the dance - bigger than I expected at least since we probably had the cheapest costumes.  But people liked our idea....and how we chased each other around most of the dance.  I danced more than I have at any dance and woke up on Sunday morning a little embarrassed to see people at church - as Kami has said about dancing, I woke up thinking, "What did I do last night?"  I can't wait until the Harvest Ball.

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