Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh the cleverness of me!*

I received the Daisy Award from Elaina (

From what I can tell that means I'm supposed to write 7 strange/unusual/unknown things about myself...I think.  And then I'm supposed to pass the Daisy Award along to three others. So...I'm really going to have to dive deep here - you guys already know most, if not all, of my quirky things.

1) I once met with an Army recruiter - it was college and I was looking for some kind of purpose in my life...everyone does it I'm sure.  I realized that the Army was not a quick fix - I think I went home and cut my hair instead.

2) I cut my own hair, I've done it since college and no one has told me it looks bad so I'll keep doing it for the time being.

3) When I say I have certain fears about things - I'm only kidding about half.  I get incredibly scared in the dark, with large bodies of water(and by large I mean anything deeper than 5 feet), revolving doors, etc. (mostly I couldn't think of anymore good examples - I got stuck on those and now my heart is racing).

4) I'm not so sure I love ice cream as much as I profess to.  I think I say it so much that I believe I do - but when it comes down to it - I might be lying to everyone. I think it's because I realized that it doesn't fill in the cracks between all the food you've eaten - it just sits on top, weighing you down...

5) I won't talk to you if I think I should know your name, but don't remember it. I've been trying to overcome this since high school.

6) I talk to myself ALL THE TIME.  It's not always to myself really - but I will have conversations with real people who just happen to not be anywhere near me.  Complete with facial expressions and hand motions.

7) I once made an edible final report for my leadership class.  I did the anatomy of a leader and he was a giant rice crispy treat man with all the parts of a leader, then to incorporate the book I read that semester, I had him breaking out of a graham cracker box.  It was my proudest college moment...aside from the time I got a B for refusing to take my exam - we were studying conflict theory so we (the students) banded together and refused to recognize his authority.  He LOVED it and said we would have gotten A's if we had gotten arrested or escorted off of campus.  I don't think we should have been punished for the fact that campus police wouldn't do that...

Three Friends:

1) Tami (

She once spit all over herself in the Normandy parking lot.  And we once went on an impromptu road trip to Utah because we were bored.

2) Marianne (

 She once got upset when I said I wouldn't let go of a tree during a tsunami to save her...And when I said that we wouldn't be friends in five years...sorry.

 I once tried to kill her with hand lotion. And a zebra once tried to kill her....with its teeth.*


Vanessa said...

My mom use to always say that ice cream fits in the cracks. I still believe her because I TOTALLY LOVE ice cream. YUM.

Also, let me tell you. Vito is terrible with names. But that doesn't stop him. 9 times out of 10, he will not remember someone's name but still tries and calls them by the wrong name. And I just shake my head. I'd say more than half the time, he usually has the first letter right. But it's all

"And you are.... Lisa?"
"Yes, Laura! Sorry, I'm bad with names."

I'm shaking my head just thinking about this. Haha. Me? I just avoid using someone's name if I don't remember it.

The Ottley's said...


The Ottley's said...

D- I can't think of anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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