Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Alvin, is it me?*

I decided that when I got back from Arizona I really needed to get on that whole training for a half marathon thing.  My brother-in-law and I met up for lunch one day and then wandered around the mall.  We went into a shoe shop (I need new ones) and he showed me some videos on running and the proper way to run, etc.  I have not purchased new shoes - but I have tried this new way to run.

Normally, when in training, I run about an 11 minute mile.  See below for my results from the two days I have "trained" with the new running method (my BIL said not to start running this other way every time, it takes time to get used to it and you need to strengthen the muscles).

First time trying the new method

It most definitely uses different muscles and I have to admit I was really sore the first week.  Not just because of the first time I ran that way - but because my body wanted to run that way the rest of the week.  But BIL was right - you have to ease in to it.  My time got worse and worse last week.  I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and as you can see, my time yesterday was improved - even from the first run.

I guess it's only fair to show you the whole week (so you can see how my time and motivation got worse because my body was so stinking sore).

Here's to another week - hopefully less sore and more productive.

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G Sauce said...

I didn't follow any of that. However I am excited to make the title background!


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