Friday, October 19, 2012

I don't like this cat, he reads minds.*

We all know how I feel about squirrels right?

I have documentation:

Last week, Jesse sent me a link to this story  He knows I hate squirrels (as ALSO mentioned in the blog - the Grand Canyon post).  It's about a gang of Russian squirrels who take down a stray dog...

A Russian Squirrel

I. Was. Horrified!  I've been telling EVERYONE about it.  And I can't tell if people are joining me in this fear of squirrels or if they are mocking me.  A lady at work asked how long it would take American squirrels to catch wind of this and start attacking here - I explained their intricate communication system and how it could spread quickly.  Then the other lady at work started talking about how easily a Russian squirrel could get on a cargo boat and come to America.



Lacee said...

I've gotta admit, at first I kind of chuckled at this post. Then I read the article and suddenly got this nervous knot in my stomach...good thing you don't see too many squirrels in Utah.

Anonymous said...

*Ice Age



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