Friday, December 14, 2012

Aw- you made me ink!*

When I was younger we used to take these long drives to Michigan - that's where my dad is from. I don't remember much about these trips except that we had this huge van we would pile in to. My mom would pop lots of popcorn on the stove and stick it into a brown paper grocery bag, which would then get little grease spots all over. I also remember thinking it took a long time to get there - which is true, it did, and mom making us stop every so often so we could stretch our legs and not get blood clots (wait...I think I may have found the source of my hypochondria). But the thing I remember most is that my dad used to drink soda or water on the way up (this makes sense as an adult who has driven many miles on road trips - you've got to keep the drinks and snacks coming to fight off sleep). I was in the DARE program and any other program offered by public schools that teach children not to do drugs, drink, cross the train tracks when a train is coming... and I just remember being horrified that my dad was drinking and driving! I laugh about this now because of how naive I was.
I also remember laying in bed when I was younger, Joanna by my side and we were calling to our dad to come do something for us and my dad said, "Okay, just a minute!" and I sat there thinking, "how long is a minute??" I didn't know if a minute was quick or would take a long time.

It makes me laugh more because I have these kids in my life who have the same thing happening now.
Last Sunday I said to Ava, "I like your outfit," and gestured towards what she was wearing. She said, "Oh, no my outfit is at home, these are just my clothes." I wonder what "outfit" means in her head.
Then there was the time about a year ago when I was hanging out with Tommy, we had just eaten dinner and he wanted me to pick him up and toss him around and I said, "Oh, I need to digest." He laughed and said, "Ok, you be Jess!" Ok - that one may not count exactly - but it's a fun story.
Do you have memories like that? Where you look back and you remember NOT understanding something that seems so simple now?


Sarah said...

finding nemo!

Amber Lanae- said...

***Finding Nemo!!!

I have one. My parents said 'Calgon, Take Me Away' anytime us kids were driving them crazy. One Sunday, we came home from church and my brothers were irritating me and I said, 'Cow God, Take me away'. And then I looked at my mom and said, 'Oh Mom. that is not a good statement...we aren't supposed to worship other God's...'

My poor little heart thought that 1) they were saying 'cow god' and 2) that I had committed a sin cause I had said it too.

Silly Amber


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