Monday, December 31, 2012

Don't waste time or time will waste you.*

Congratulations to Murbatron for getting the blog bucks from the last post.  And thank you to Martha for the idea to post who won the blog bucks from the previous post. 

2013 is going to be a good year - I've decided it and it is now true.  My theme actually comes from my friend, Jordan.  He was talking to me and was trying to rhyme things with 13 and walla - I've filched it from him.

Living the Dream in 20-13 (pronounced twenty-thirteen)

and my other theme

Hold On Thy Way

2013 Goals

1. Read 50 books - it's back! I know I said I would never do it again, and it's probably the worst decision I can make - but I think I can do it...and I need more motivation to read.

2. Finish the two stories I am working on - I have two works in progress and hit some serious writer's block.  I need to focus on writing again.

3. Don't text and drive (don't call the cops on me).  I'm going to admit a horrible thing that I do.  I text while driving, sometimes I read a book, I write things for my stories, I make lists, etc.  Basically...I don't give my full attention to the road.  I need to do that.  So what better time to start than the beginning of a new year?

4. Be Healthier - annual check-ups, eating veggies, working out, etc.  It's not so much about losing weight anymore - though I'd still like to drop some 'lb's, it's about being healthier in my old age.

5.Get back to the basics - I want to continue the goal from last year where I really got down to prayer and scripture study.  I've finally figured out a way that works for me with my studying and I want to continue to develop that good habit.

6. Home Improvement - I really would like to work on the fence, paint the house (pizza & painting party coming this spring), fix the dishwasher, and a myriad of other home improvement projects.

7. Budgeting/Pay off Debt -Well, you know what they about how many tries is the charm and if at first you don't succeed.  2013 is going to be the year it all comes together - work down the debt and figure out how to budget and track finances in a way that makes sense to me.  Or maybe it has to do with developing some self discipline already!

8.Attend at least one writers conference - (p.s. got my second rejection letter - hurt a little more than the first, maybe because it wasn't written like a break up). I've decided that I need to do more than just hope that some agent has time to read my query letter and sample.  I need to get out there and *gulp* talk to people.  This is no easy task for an introvert such as myself, but if I'm serious about this then I have to start acting like it!

9. Time Management - Eek.  So, when I have down time I find myself playing games on the phone, watching Netflix, etc.  I want to make better use of my time.  When I have 5-10 minutes I would like to clean up, fold laundry, write, read, etc.  Not just mindless stuff.

10. Journal Writing - I used to be SO GOOD at journal writing and then...I just stopped being good at it.  I have experiences that I wish I had written about but can't remember as well anymore.  I don't think blogging helps cause it feels like I wrote stuff, but it's not the same stuff I would put in my journal.  So I'd like to be more consistent about it, I'd like to write in it everyday - even if I am just writing one nice thing that happened that day.


G Sauce said...

You can do it!

Amber Lanae- said...

I'm slightly selfish (okay, I'm completely selfish) but I would love it if you could add something about a trip out of the country with your BFF. But alas, I will be more then happy with the fact that in 20-13 YOU will be in Texas, with me! And even better, its in 23 days! WWWWWHEEEEEEEE!!!

So here's my thought about your theme: Hold on thy Way

But President Harold Lee offered comfort in the face of affliction: “The one who confidently looks forward to an eternal reward for his efforts in mortality is constantly sustained through his deepest trials. When he is disappointed in love, he does not commit suicide. When loved ones die, he doesn’t despair; when he loses a coveted contest, he doesn’t falter; when war and destruction dissipate his future, he doesn’t sink into a depression. He lives above his world and never loses sight of the goal of his salvation.”

“The path to [exaltation] is rugged and steep. Many stumble and fall, and through discouragement never pick themselves up to start again. The forces of evil cloud the path with many foggy deterrents, often trying to detour us in misleading trails. But through all this journey,” assured President Lee, “there is the calming assurance that if we choose the right, success will be ours, and the achievement of it will have molded and formed and created us into the kind of person qualified to be accepted into the presence of God. What greater success could there be than to have all that God has?”

So dear, beautiful friend, HOLD ON THY WAY. Because you are already on your way to being qualified to be accepted into the presence of the Lord. You just have to keep going.

Love you.


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