Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I wipe my own butt, I wipe my own butt!*

So far - I've been eaten my taco salad with lettuce (yes, I've had quite a bit of taco salad and lettuce since I last wrote) and I tried a carrot chip (they are just cut carrots I figured I'd have an easier time gnawing on those).  I think if I force myself to eat those carrots I'll lose a lot of weight - because there is no joy in carrot eating - it just sucks the life out of me.

I thought I'd let you know how my weekend went. 

Friday night Nick, Chris, Brittany and I went on our own version of the Tacky Light Tour.

See, here's my problem.  I'm not feeling Christmas this year.  I tried to listen to some Christmas music to get myself in the spirit, but I couldn't do it and turned it off.  I decorated the house all Christmasy and still nothing.  I don't know how to do it.  I'm not turning in to a scrooge, I'm not against Christmas, I just don't feel it.  Where are you Christmas?*  I was hoping the tacky light tour would help - but alas, still don't feel it.

Regardless, here are some photos.

Saturday was pretty busy for me.  I made pumpkin bread cause I owed Spencer some (how he convinced me that I owed him baked goods I'm not sure - but it worked).  Then I went to hang out with Joanna and the kids.  We made Christmas trees and ate icing.  Really, I think more icing went into our mouths than onto the ice cream cones:

I love hanging out with that little family.  But even then - I'm rushing towards Christmas and don't even feel it.  From there I dropped some stuff off at Goodwill and then ran to the store to get food to make for the missionaries.  Brittany came over and we fed the three of them.  I was so glad Brittany was there because apparently I'm not very good at making conversation with boys I'm not allowed to flirt with...I'm probably not very good at making conversation with boys/people in general. 

After the missionaries left we headed over to Spencer's house for games.  When I made the pumpkin bread I figured I would have to take it to church on Sunday, but then I got a text that we were getting together at his place and I was grateful I could just slip the bread into the kitchen and not have to carry it around at church.

After games, Brittany and I headed over to the boy's house but we had to stop and get gas first.  I went to what I thought was a functioning gas station near Spencer's house - but it was like the River Front in Delaware (if you recall - it seemed like it would be cool, but the website was apparently just promises I what it will be soon).  I took the wrong turn coming out of the gas station and was going to turn around but then I saw another gas station.  It was dark and quiet and there was a car parked between two pumps but no one was near it.  There were no other cars around though - super creepy. Creepier when I was pumping gas and heard footsteps coming up to my left.  I turned more so I could watch the person out of the corner of my eye and prayed they wouldn't come up to me, but they did.  The stranger turned out to be a young lady who asked if she could use my phone to call her mom because her car broke down.  I got her my phone and the whole time ran through horror movie scenarios.  Luckily, I couldn't think of any that were just like this.  She was telling the person on the phone that she needed jumper cables and I happened to buy my own several years back so I pulled them out and told her I could give her car a jump (not that I actually know how to use jumper cables).  So she said that would be great and said that her boyfriend and the car were across the street in the parking lot and I was like, "Okay, uh, I don't know how you feel about strangers but we can give you a ride, or you can walk and we'll follow" cause yes, I realized that she could be just as creeped out by us.  She rode with us over and Brittany and I jumped their car.  It's a very satisfying feeling.  Of course, later we found out from Nick that we did it wrong and we could have blown up their battery.  Darn - it had seemed so easy and easy to remember - but I suppose I have to learn the right way to do it.  Well - we were meant to be there to help them at that time, so that's why we didn't blow up their battery.  Yay for service opportunities and miracles!

In other news - today we had an interview candidate who came in and he looked an awful lot like Ryan from the office.
But before he became super sketch.


Jessica Donbrosky said...

And by "eaten my taco salad" I mean "Eating my taco salad"

G Sauce said...

mmmmmmm Taco Salad

AuntKatween said...

Big Daddy

AuntKatween said...

Cindy Lou Hoo sings that song "where are you christmas"

Lacee said...

Have you thought of carrot cake? Maybe it'll put the fun back into carrot eating! :D


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