Monday, December 3, 2012

Handsome and smart - how confusing.*

The weekend always flies by.  It seems that there is never enough time.  Sometimes this leaves me feeling on Monday as though I wasted time or didn't squeeze in as much as I could.  This Monday, I don't feel that way.  This weekend was busy beyond belief and yet I don't feel as though I didn't get enough done and I certainly didn't feel as though it were wasted.

After work on Friday I was able to go to the store and do a little shopping for the Angel Tree.  Every year I shop for an Angel for one of our employees who lives in Illinois.  It's a neat experience and I like to pretend I go "in on the gift" with him because if I go over the amount he sends me I just cover it.  So this year I decided to do my very own angel as well.  I don't find shopping fun, so I can't say this was fun, but I definitely enjoyed it to a degree - mostly the thought that I was helping some unknown little two year old boy (along with the three year old I picked out for Don in Illinois). 

From shopping I went to an engagement party (at least that's what I think it was).  Basically we ate food and played games and mingled with a couple that got married on Saturday (or if we are looking at this from a Friday evening standpoint - they were getting married the next day).  It shouldn't still surprise me, but I still am surprised sometimes when I realize just how great my friends are.  I had a friend tell me once that I saw the good in people and loved them despite their short comings - I don't know how I feel about this, but I do know that sometimes I forget how much I care for them and how much they care for me.  They are all good people and despite how we trash talk on the Frisbee field, there is a good friendship there not only based in playing sports with each other.  And the nicest thing is when the boys from Frisbee acknowledge that they haven't forgotten I'm a girl. 

I stayed at the party later than I expected because I was having a really good time.  Then I went home and hopped in bed because I was set to get up at 6:30 in the flipping a.m. to drive up to the temple.

Chris B. rode up with me and we were able to stop by the church bookstore while we waiting for Chris E. to meet up with us for a 10:00 a.m. session (that turned in to 10:30).  I finally bought my own copy of the book "The Peace Giver".  I had mentioned it to Chris B. on our drive up when we were talking about Holland's talk "Remember Lot's Wife".  I'm excited to reread and underline and write comments and everything. 

I feel like the past two weeks have been an incredible opportunity for learning and for growth.  Two weeks ago, I was able to talk to several good people in my life about my anger issue (did I blog about this? If not - suffice it to say, I was angry).  Last Sunday we had a lesson on  Spiritual Droughts and I was already coming out of one and realized that I had caused mine, because I had been unwilling to let go of the anger I was feeling, it had become a crutch for me that I hadn't realized I was clinging to. Then this past week, I've been studying diligently in my personal study about a topic that randomly came to my mind.  As I was studying I realized how I could apply it to what I was feeling and working through in my personal life, and in the process revisited my obligation to forgive. 

I absolutely love and have missed the temple!  It wasn't some amazing experience where I received answers to every question I had, but it was a chance for me to feel completely at peace.  I was able to just sit and be still and let everything slip away.  I hadn't wanted to leave, but we wanted to grab lunch before our friend's wedding so despite what I wanted, I was not allowed to sit there for the rest of my life (and trust me, that's what I wanted).  I hope no one was offended - but I was pretty quiet during lunch, as I said to Amber, I think I was sedated. 

The ceremony was beautiful and there were a lot of great things said by the sealer.  Then we went outside and waiting for the newly weds to make their appearance.  So we took some of our own pictures.

I would show you....blogger says I can no longer upload photos...something about a limit, sad day.

Then Chris B. and I left to go grab Cafe Rio for the Elders back in Richmond - they are all from out west and Cafe Rio is a little like home for them I guess.  Then we went to the restaurant where everyone else was going for a little "reception".  I ate Japanese food - kind of.  It was good, but Brittany and I left right after the toast to go get stuff to decorate the car with.

Maddy was under the impression that I had gotten really sick and was in the bathroom the whole time (courtesy of Daniel).  I went and gave her a hug and apologized for Brittany and I being gone so long, but explained that I had a really bad headache.  She told me what Daniel and told her and I said, "well, it's Daniel, you know how guys blow that stuff out of proportion."  When we got out to the parking lot and she saw the car she said, "You weren't sick!"  At least my name is cleared!

I got home around 8 or 8:30, laid in bed, and was out cold by 9:30. 


Lacee said...

No more pictures? Ever? What will you do?

Jessica Donbrosky said...

not sure - I'm going to keep trying to figure out a way to clear up some space.

Danielle said...

The weekends always seem to fly by! It sounds like you packed a lot of fun into just a few days though! I've been seeing a lot of people with that same picture problem... haven't heard of any fixes though :(


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